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  • Underused and underrated.

    Rick Lenz should have been a star from the first time he grabbed the screen from screen-engulfing stars Walter Matthau, Ingrid Bergman, and nascent scene gobbler/Supporting Actress Oscar Winner Goldie Hawn in 'Cactus Flower' (1969, Gene Saks, Mike Frankovich, I.A.L. Diamond, from Abe Burrows (father of Jame's) play). But he wasn't, despite fact that he was even more a self-effacing, smooth everyman in the James Stewart mold (he'd hate that comparison, I bet), than even Tom Hanks. To have been condemned to a series of few and far between guest roles when he could have been the wheels behind (may I suggest), any Bochco, Wells or Dick Wolf series ever posited just goes, once again, to show that American television (as well as the disgusting casting decisions that inform American feature films)... sucks. And sucks big time.