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Peters holds an extensive list of television credits including leading series roles on "Bull," "The Hoop Life," "Bouncers," "Family Values," "McKenna" and "Against The Grain," created and produced by Dave Alan Johnson and Gary R. Johnson, co-creators of "Sue Thomas: F.B.EYE" Additionally he has guest-starred on numerous television…more


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  • Trivia

    • Rick Peters has signed on to appear in the pilot episode of CW's Mercy Reef that should be part of the fall 2006 lineup.

      Mercy Reef is a show based on the DC comics Aquaman and Rick will be playing the role of Admiral Brigman.

      • Rick is married and has 2 kids - his wife is "a WONDERFUL woman whom he met in the business" (screenwriter).

      • He is #5 of a family of 6 kids (2 boys, 2 girls, then 2 boys)

      • He's 6'3" 'and a bit'.

      • Rick was born in a Detroit suburb in June of 1966 (on his father's birthday, no less). In August of '68 the family moved to England because of a work transfer (Rick's dad worked for one of the "Big 3" auto manufacturers. In 1974 they moved back to Michigan, then to Australia in 1977 (Rick was 11). Five years later, they moved to California.

      • Rick began his acting career in California in high school plays.

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  • I love this show!

    Hey, this is Sara from Taiwan! I love this show and everybody in it. Rick, you\'re a pretty humorous and funny guy. Are you all believers? I\'m asking this question because I know this is a Christian show. I have a lot to tell you and everybody, but I don\'t know if you will be able to read this message. If you will, please contact me at sarajeng0118@yahoo.com as I check it more often. Thank you guys for being in this show and bringing me joy! Blessings on you abundantly!moreless
  • A talent in dire need of a show of his own!

    Rick Peters is one of those actors who, in my personal opinion, is underused. I had never heard of him prior to watching Sue Thomas F.B.Eye and it is a shame because this man can act (we also cannot ignore the fact he is a hunk, even if we wanted to).You can give him any role, and he'll make it his own.

    I honestly can say I wouldn't see any other actor playing the role of Bobby Manning. The twinkling blue eyes, roguish smile and cute dimples are as much a part of Bobby as Rick's Aussie accent is. STFBE writers and producers knew what they were doing when they gave Rick creative license to add his own personal twists to the text, in order to give the character his Aussie flavor.

    But then you see him in Smallville as Bob Rickman and you can't believe he could play a character that is such an opposite of Bobby. From the jovial go-lucky FBI agent, he transforms into this cold-blooded killer without even a single blink. And if this wasn't staggering enough, he once more transforms into this naive security agent in the movie Seduced by a thief (aka Night Class), playing alongside Sean Young. And the list goes on.

    With the cancellation of Sue Thomas F.B.Eye, I sincerely hope this does not mean the disappearance of such a great actor from our TV scene. I for one would miss his brand of talent immensely.moreless