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Peters holds an extensive list of television credits including leading series roles on "Bull," "The Hoop Life," "Bouncers," "Family Values," "McKenna" and "Against The Grain," created and produced by Dave Alan Johnson and Gary R. Johnson, co-creators of "Sue Thomas: F.B.EYE" Additionally he has guest-starred on numerous television series such as "Smallville," "Andy Richter Controls The Universe," "CSI," "Providence," "The Pretender," "Under Suspicion," "Full House," "Hunter" and "Life Goes On."

Peters has also appeared in several feature films including "Night Class" with Sean Young, "American Virgin" starring Mena Suvari, "Gun Shy" with Liam Neeson, "The Disappearance of Kevin Johnson" with Pierce Brosnan and Dudley Moore," "Late Last Night" starring Emilio Estevez. His movie-of-the-week credits include "Happy Face Murders" starring Ann-Margret and Marg Helgenberger, "This Matter of Marriage" and "Elvis Meets Nixon," for Showtime. His stage credits include "Sometimes Why" at The Gardener Theatre, "The Apollo of Bellac" and "The Seagull" at the St. Genesius Theatre and "London Calling" at The World Theatre.

Rick's comments on working on "Sue Thomas, F.B.Eye"

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Rick Peters On "Prodigal Father" (April 6, 03)

I built my first model ship when I was seven. It was the USS Arizona and over my shoulder every step of the way was my Dad. When I was nineteen at a memorial service for a close friend who left us way too soon, it was my Dad's sure hands on my shoulders giving me strength. He's an amazing Dad, and I wish everyone had the luxury of such loving guidance but some of us don't, including Bobby.

In this episode "Prodigal Father", the team has to tap into a tricky resource to catch some clever thieves, and they have to do it without Jack. The tricky resource happens to be Bobby's father who is hoping to use his murky past to help the team, but more importantly wants to try and bridge the gap between him and his son.

As always thank you all for supporting our show.

Peace in the world.

Rick Peters.


Rick Peters On "Diplomatic Immunity" (Jan 19, 03)

When I was about ten years old I watched a mini-series with my family that absolutely knocked the wind out of me. The series was Alex Haley's "Roots". I will never forget staring up at the ceiling of my bedroom each night after watching it, wondering how it was that some human beings could be so despicably cruel to other human beings.

Fast forward some twenty plus years and while reading this week's episode "Diplomatic Immunity" I was reminded that this unbelievable horror can still happen. In this show you see how far some people will go for personal gain, individuals so committed to wealth and power, that they would even savagely exploit their own people to get it! Fortunately, Sue, Jack, Bobby, Dimitrius, Myles, Tara, and Lucy are more committed to stopping them. I sure hope you all enjoy it!

I also want to take a minute to thank all of you for joining us on this journey. Sue Thomas is a very special person, and I am really proud to be a part of telling her story. So Ryan and to everyone who spends time with us each week, again many thanks!

Rick Peters

P.S. I promise to be on the chat boards soon!