Rick Ravanello

Rick Ravanello


10/24/1967, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada

Birth Name

Richard Alexander Ravanello



Also Known As

Rick Ravenello, Rick Ravenello
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Rick began his acting journey out of Calgary, Alberta where he met and married his wife, Michelle in 1994. After one short year experimenting with the local scene he set out for Vancouver, British Columbia where things started to truly shine. It was here where Rick started to…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Simply....GREAT!!!!

    Watch all of his stuff and will keep on watching. My favorite, to date, was one of his latest called Trial by Fire (aka Smokejumpers). We saw it on the Lifetime network last month. We are looking forward to more of his work in the future. I first watched him in a movie called the Cave a couple of years ago where he played alongside Cloe Hauser and Piper Perabo. And, we also just caught a great performance on the CBS show Cold Case. I'm surprised we don't see more but suspect he will always be working. Nice work Rick.moreless
  • I see this guy playing a lot of guest roles and have to wonder why he has never taken a show of his own. I will go see the fil The Cave just to check him out. Don't tell my hubby, but I think this boy is hot. LOL.moreless

    For a resonably good looking man, Rick has portrayed a lot of various characters over the years. It seems that every time I find a show that i enjoy, he pops up as a one time guest star. I am a huge Rob Lowe fan so I first saw Rick in the Lyons Den. He was playing identical twins. You wouldn't have known it was him except after I looked it up on IMDB a few weeks after. I was trying to figure out who was playing the mentally handicapped brother and the site said that Rick Ravanello was playing both. From that point on, I put him on my radar. I watched him in Without a Trace and then again in Boomtown (my husbands fav show at the time) My husband also brought to my attention that it was Rick playing a scruffy, yet likeable cowboy in Monty Walsh with Tom Selleck. That was different. I really couldn't tell it was the same guy. The Desperate Housewives as the new hunk in town to date Terri Hatcher's character and to break apart the mended fence between her character and Edie. I love that show. hehe. I recently took my son to the movies and noticed Rick's name, once again, on the poster for The Cave. My son is driving me absolutely crazy to see this film but he is too young. I suppose it will be in our dvd collection before long. About 1 week ago, we watched him played a very weird, slimey jerk on The closer opposite Kyra Sedgwick. Great job. I wanted to kick him. LOL. He played one of 3 siblings all at eachothers throats inorder to take, for themselves, the family fortune. Funny episode of a great new series that we picked up on TNT. Anyway, I just wanted to point out that I am surprised I haven't seen this guy in the main cast of any television series. Maybe this fall. Either way. Great work to the young thespian. I'll be watching his work from now on with those other hunks on my list.moreless