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Rick Steves


Edmonds, Washington, USA

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Richard Steves


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Rick Steves is an expert authority on European travel. He has been all across Europe numerous times, and has written dozens of travel books. He is the star of the show, "Rick Steves' Europe", which is the perfect show to watch if you are planning to travel to…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Rick Steves has stated that the stupidest mistake he has ever made while traveling was sleeping through his designated stop at Denmark, while on a ferry, and accidentally sailing back to Norway.

    • Rick Steves has stated that while filming his shows and doing research for his guide books, he spends at least 100 days out of a year in Europe.

    • Rick Steves has stated that if he wasn't in the travel business, he would most likely be a piano teacher, since he has experience teaching students to play the piano.

    • Rick Steves has stated that the three places he has visited most in his many travels are: London, Paris, and Rome.

    • Rick Steves is an active member of the Lutheran Church, and has been featured in numerous religious videos put out by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

    • Rick Steves has his own radio program, called Travel With Rick Steves which has spawned a podcast of the same name.

    • Rick Steves gave his first tour of Europe in 1976, where he drove 32 tourists around Europe in a minibus.

    • Rick Steves is a board member of National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, and frequently gives lectures for the group.

    • Rick Steves raises and donates money every year to support public radio and television.

    • Rick has stated that the best travel deal he ever got was spending 80 days in Europe for only $700, back in 1973.

    • Rick Steves has written about 30 guide books, and sells about 500,000 a year.

    • Rick Steves provided his local YWCA with an apartment building as a shelter house for homeless mothers.

    • Rick Steves regularly contributes to the op-ed section of USA Today.

    • In 1976, Rick Steves started a business called Europe Through the Back Door, which offers free travel information through its travel center, as well as running a successful European tour program which attracts over 10,000 travelers annually.

    • Rick Steves first traveled to Europe in 1969, when he was visiting piano factories with his father.

    • Rick resides in his hometown of Edmonds, Washington with his wife Anne, and their two children, Andy and Jackie.

    • Rick Steves attended the University of Washington, where he earned Business Administration and European History degrees.

  • Quotes

    • Rick Steves: (advice for those aspiring to become travel writers) The keys to becoming a travel writer are to travel for the love of travel, sniffing out maximum experiences and writing while on the road.

  • Doesn't Like Holland

    We really enjoy watching your show, but want to know what you have against the Netherlands. We watched your show the other day and the show lasted 5 minutes in Holland. You showed the prostitutes, the marijuana cafes and got on a train for Germany. You spend days and days in Italy, Spain and other countries. I think you could spend at least one day in Holland. The museums, Anne Frank House, the country-side, the wind mills, how they make their world famous cheeses, etc. It's not that I am Dutch, as I am not. I have visited there and was very impressed with such a beautiful country.

    There is the beaches where you can stop along the way and get the famous kipling fish from local stands fried just for you. We went to the "Pasar Malam" which is an Indonesian Fair - the largest, held every year in May in the Hague.

    Bottom line, there is more to Holland than prostitutes and dope.moreless