Rick Wakeman

Rick Wakeman


5/18/1949, Perivale, Middlesex, England

Birth Name

Richard Christopher Wakeman


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Rick Wakeman, best known as the keyboardist for the progressive rock group Yes, was born Richard Christopher Wakeman on May 18, 1949 in Middlesex, England, to Mildred Helen and Cyril Frank Wakeman. He joined Yes in late 1971 for work on their album Fragile, and is counted as…more


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    • Rick Wakeman's third album, The Myths And Legends Of King Arthur And The Knights Of The Round Table did very well for A&M records. Rick's ice-capades type show that he developed for the album, however, was a total failure.

    • When Rick wrote and submitted The Six Wives Of Henry VIII to A&M Records, they hated it. Out of Rick's 96 albums to date, Six Wives... remains one of his all-time biggest selling records.

    • Rick has six children. Oliver (born in 1972), Adam (March 1974) and Benjamin (February 1978) from his first wife, none from his second wife, Jemma (February 1983) and Oscar (May 1986) from Nina Carter, and Amanda (2004) from his girlfriend Rachel.

    • Dan Wooding wrote a biography on Rick Wakeman titled The Caped Crusader, which hit the bookstore shelves in 1976.

    • Rick has been married and divorced three times. First, to Roz Woolford, from 1970 to 1980. In 1980 he married Danielle Corminboeuf. They were married less than a year. He then married Nina Carter in 1984 and they divorced in 2004. He now has a girlfriend Rachel.

    • Rick has performed on over 2,000 different tracks by a very diverse array of artists, including Black Sabbath, Cat Stevens (Morning Has Broken being the most remembered), Clive Dunn, Elton John, Edison Lighthouse, David Bowie, Lou Reed, Magna Carta, Al Stewart, Butterscotch and Harry Nilsson.

    • Rick was born just one day after Yes drummer Bill Bruford.

    • Rick Wakeman's third solo album, Journey To The Centre Of The Earth, went to Number 1 in the charts on his birthday, May 18th of the same year of its release, 1974.

    • Rick Wakeman can currently be seen as a contributor on the BBC2 series, Grumpy Old Men.

    • Rick Wakeman was a session keyboardist for Black Sabbath on their album Sabbath Bloody Sabbath.

    • Rick Wakeman is a strong supporter of the UK's Conservative Party. In September 2004, he performed a benefit concert for the party.

    • Rick was a pioneer in the use of electronic synthesizers, and his name has become a byword for a synth player surrounded by a vast array of equipment.

    • Rick Wakeman considers his favorite Yes album to be Close To The Edge.

    • Although Rick's membership in Yes was contractually unilateral, many people consider the best Yes lineup to be Jon Anderson (vocals), Steve Howe (guitar), Rick Wakeman (synths), Chris Squire (bass) and Bill Bruford (drums).

    • Rick was married to Nina Carter, who was a "Page 3 girl" for the UK tabloid, The Sun. The "page 3 girl" was a nude or topless model.

    • It is reported that it was Rick Wakeman gave the Yes album Tormato its name, because he threw a tomato at a showing of the art used for the album cover. He took action on a sentiment felt by the rest of the band, that the artist, who was used to replace Roger Dean, had ripped them off.

    • Rick Wakeman: I find health food pretty tasteless. I've tried quite a few things out, and... I find it very boring. It's not particularly exciting sitting there with a knife and fork over a lettuce leaf.

    • Rick Wakeman, for the legal record, was not considered a true member of Yes in the 1970s, because of his contract with A&M Records.

    • Rick Wakeman played for David Bowie for a while before joining up with Yes.

    • Rick Wakeman was the pianist who played the beautiful piano rolls in Cat Stevens' recording of Morning Has Broken.

    • Rick Wakeman initially went to a formal music school, however he was expelled due to the fact that he preferred playing in local clubs to practicing his lessons.

    • To date, Rick Wakeman has released 95 albums, 13 concert videos or DVDs and 12 Compilation sets.

    • Rick is a classically-trained pianist and has been highly acclaimed for his outstanding virtuosity.

    • Rick Wakeman was known for wearing long, silvery capes on stage in the 1970's, which earned him the moniker of "The Caped Crusader".

    • Rick Wakeman is a raconteur and a stand-up comedian.

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