Rick Worthy

Rick Worthy


3/12/1967, Detroit

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Rick Worthy was born in the Detroit/Southfield area. He graduated from Southfield Senior High School in 1985, and then from the University of Michigan in 1990. Rick became a stage actor in Detroit. Later on, he moved to Chicago where he worked with several prestigious theatre companies, before…more


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  • Someone write a show for this guy!

    I went with the classification I did because I feel that Mr. Worthy has barely had a chance to really show his acting chops where lots of folks could appreciate him.

    Latest example? Eyes, the smart, funny PI drama that ABC tossed after a truncated run in late Spring. In that show, Mr. Worthy had a showcase charater in Chris Didion- a friend of the boss, a man who has faced mental health issues and won, a black gay man in the world of private security, and a potential target by foes of his friend and boss, played by Tim Daly.

    There was a scene where I fell madly for Chris, despite being white and straight: it was when he confronted the skinhead who was terrorizing a client in trying to stop testimony against the guy and other skinhead friends who had beaten a man. After slapping the young man's head and the typical threat of retaliation, Chris's answer made my heart smile.

    "You're gonna do what?"

    I don't remember the rest; I was marvelling at the smarts the writing gave this man. While I generally don't like vengeance, I can understand it. I understand the need to do something to help someone else. I also feel that you can disapprove of a character's actions and cheer the character nonetheless. Hypocritical? Maybe, but when it comes to fictional character within their tv universe, I don't care.

    Mr. Worthy also brought a sly, understated wit to the role, which he played as part-friend, part-babysitter to Harland, who could get into trouble without trying hard. Chris found someone worth befriending, and staying loyal to, so Harlan was worth our interest as well.

    I hope to see more appearances of Mr. Worthy, he is delightful to watch and deserves a wider audience.