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Rickey D'Shon Collins

Rickey D'Shon Collins

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Rickey Collins
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    • Collins has starred alongside ex-actor Mario Yedidia in two films: "Warriors of Virtue" as Chucky, a friend of Ryan (Yedidia); and "Jack" as Eric, a friend of George (also played by Yedidia), who picks on 10-year-old Jack Powell (Robin Williams), who looks 40.

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  • He plays on my Favorite show of all time

    He plays on my favorite show ever. he plays one of the stars on danny phantom. i think he is really talented. mostly everyone thinks that it's so easy to do voise acting. but i know that it's hard work. of course i have never done voice acting but i know that it is really hard to do voice acting. so i give Ricket D'shon Collins credit.
  • I don't know what to write for a review.

    I know I have been saying this for all of my reviews, but I am a major Danny Phantom Fanatic, so that is why I'm reviewing. Tucker isn't my favorite character (unfortunatly)on Danny Phantom, but he is still an awesome character! I like his PDA, I have never acually used one, but that would be neat.

    I have noticed that in all the reviews I've done for people, I talk mor about the people they play than about them. I'm going to try harder in my next review but I am not promising anything! And as I have an obsession problem with a show about a certain halfa!moreless