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  • Speak your mind.

  • Love this guy. Absolutely amazing.

    What can i say. Ricky Gervais.

    The office: 1 2 3. what an amazing show. i would love to work in a place like this one. so good the americans made it into a show which was amazing as well.

    Extras: His next piece was pretty good. A struggling actor. Very good idea.

    If any of you were lucky to catch his comic relief special that was amazing. He was in a BBC studio pretending to be in Africa and he even did a fake cry and let the likes of Jamie Oliver join in. I hope in the future he keeps his standards very high and continues to be one of the British greats.
  • The best British comedy writer and actor of this era.

    Something of a late-starter, at least in terms of comedy. Ricky Gervais has become a Comedy icon not only in the UK but over the pond as well. He has revolutionised the face of British comedy, with his hugely successful series ‘The Office’. Winning a total of 6 BAFTA’s, 2 Golden Globes and numerous other accolades ‘The Office’ made Ricky a household name, and rightly so. The Office’ is not intended to be satirical or parodying, but painfully familiar and real, rather than exaggerated, farcical or over the top. The familiarity and realism of the characters makes them funny. That is the genius in Ricky’ writing, and this has continued into every project undertaken by him, from his hilariously funny stand up shows (Animals and Politics), to small charity adverts for ‘Live 8’. His productions continue to impress, with ‘Extras’ his second outing in the sit com genre, which is just as good a show as his others.

    With a second series of ‘Extras’ and numerous other projects on the way it’s only going to strengthen the career of what I would consider the best British comedian of this era, and long may he continue to make me and many others laugh out loud.
  • Very Talented indeed

    Ricky has to be one of my all time great actors ofthis generation and age. I believe comedy is where is heart is. Nobody could have layed David Brent on the office like him. Ricky is still one of my favourite actors of all time. People should learn the tricks of the trade from him. I am proud to say he's inspired me.
  • The man behind The Office - how can you not like him?!!!

    He may not be one of the greats now, but some day he will be remembered as one! And it all started with David Brent who along with Homer Simpson are my favourite characters of all time.

    Gervais is brilliant, Brent makes you cringe and laugh at the same time. Now hes got a new show called "Extras" which I haven't been able to see yet but am really looking forward to.

    Together with Stephen Merchant he took a seedy boss and made One of the funniest things ever to come out of Britain.

    I have the DVD set of the Office and from the evidence of the special features - he is not an easy man to work with. Constantly Poking people and messing up scenes. I think 1 with Martin Freedman (Tim) took about 80 takes cause they couldn't stop laughing.

    He may have been hard to work with, but at the same time Merchant and the rest of the cast thought he was an absolute joy as well!
  • This man will go down as the one of the funniest modern comedians ever!

    This man is brilliant, no, more than brilliant, he is the funniest man since before i can remember. He is not like any other comedians that only make small rubbish jokes and hope you laugh, everything he does and says is genuinly hillarious! The office was just a instant classic, and his new show Extras hopes to be as good. And his live shows have by far got to be the best stand-up shows ever in the universe!! Ricky Gervais is my personal favourite by far, he is superb!!!
  • Great comedian

    I personally think that Ricky Gervais' stand up performances are better than his tv-shows. The Office and Extras both started out great, but ended up on a level way too much. I think that if the main characters in the shows could stay a bit more sane in the long run they shows could carry on for several seasons. I've seen Ricky in several interviews and all his stand ups. I particularly like Animal, which is just absolutely brilliant. I had the fortune to be living in the UK when I saw it so none of the "local" jokes were lost on me. I want more stand up from Ricky, I just love him! PS. Ricky guest-starring on Alias was also very funny.
  • One word: brilliant.

    Rickjey Gervais is very funny. He is infinity funny. Don't you understand? He is brilliant. 'The Office' is deeply, deeply hilarious. On a deep level.

    Now, he is making 'Extras,' and that will be even funnier. Well, who knows, that's a tall order. But it will be funny, that's for sure.

    Remember when David Brent wouldn't let the guy lead the meeting, and he brought out his guitar and sang songs. One of the funniest moments in televison history. Nay, world history!

    checkl out his comedy compact discs. they are recorded from his ytours in England. One of them is called 'Animals.' It is very clever.
  • Are you havin' a laugh?

    Simply put, Ricky Gervais is FUNNY! He's witty, sharp, sarcastic, realistic, smart...

    The Office is up there with Monty Python's Flying Circus for me (I've even rolled off the couch laughing with some parts of it!).

    I enjoy The Office, Extras, his stand up, the podcasts, the books... So many facets of his humour! He seems to be an originally smart, well-educated man. His interests vary from art to science, animals and history and that shows a lot in his work.

    Personal favourite: the extras from all the DVDs. Especially the pig-boy parts ;D (and his hysterical laughter. I can't help but laugh out loud when I listen to it!).

    With no proper training he's managed to be a great actor. I find that his straight face can convey more feeling than any known actor.

    The most talented British comedian of our time!