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  • He's okay

    he is 22 years old? he looks like 16 maybe 17.i was shocked when i found out he was 22. andy milonakis is 29 and he looks like 14. weird. anyways the show hes in right now...beautiful people...is an okay show... at least its not about doctors or detectives. a
  • He's cute!

    This guyy is totally cute! He totally captured my heart from the first glace of him in The Phantom of the Opera. He's got that cute boy next door look. He's better off with dark hair as a blonde, but I'll take him either ways. He's great at Beautiful People. I wanna see him with Sophie.
  • He is totally GORGEOUS!

    Oh goodness! Last night i watched the first episode of Beatiful People for the second time...and I know that his character (Gideon) likes Sophie sooo much. And it breaks my heart to see her liking the BP. He's totally a talented actor and soooooo cute!! I can't wait to watch the second show tonight!!
  • Okay Well I think that Gideon (Ricky Mabe) is my ultimate favorite actor on this show. The person that he plays is very cute, sensitive, and beautifully artistic. I love Ricky in the show! He definately is an amazing actor with great talent.

    Ricky Maybe is gorgeous! He is pretty much the only reason that I watch the show. He is so sweet and sensitive and plays a difficult role. I enjoy watching the show though with all the drama and crazy plots. It's all good! He apparently has a lot of talent and will become more well known. Oh and P.S. I was so mad about the whole sophie picking that other stupid kid on the show, because Gideon freakin' painted a beautiful picture of her face, and the other guy bought her a stupid stuffed animal? Which one would you rather recieve?! Yah Gideon way hotter than Sophie! I still can't believe that she picked the other guy... :(
  • Ricky Mabe is awesome and is doing well for himself and everyone back at home is proud of you ricky keep up the good work!! Kinkora staff 2005 is proud of you!! Keep it up and remember too ROCK andd ROLL!!! nicee keep on smiling! we loh youu..

    Ricky Mabe is doing well for himself and is very talented. He has come so far and is making his friends and family proud. He is extra-ordinary, smart, talented, respectful, super funny, nice and extremely good looking. I have known Ricky for awhile and he has always been a role model for me with all his success in life at such a young age. I respect him and enjoy watching him on his new series "Beautifl People" which should be aired in Canada. Ricky Mabe will make it big and will be successful in the near future. Ricky is an amazing down to earth guy and is lucky to have such great experiences. Ricky you are my favorite actor and that will never change. Keep it up!