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Ricky Mabe


Ricky Mabe Fan Reviews (5)

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  • Okay Well I think that Gideon (Ricky Mabe) is my ultimate favorite actor on this show. The person that he plays is very cute, sensitive, and beautifully artistic. I love Ricky in the show! He definately is an amazing actor with great talent.

    Ricky Maybe is gorgeous! He is pretty much the only reason that I watch the show. He is so sweet and sensitive and plays a difficult role. I enjoy watching the show though with all the drama and crazy plots. It's all good! He apparently has a lot of talent and will become more well known. Oh and P.S. I was so mad about the whole sophie picking that other stupid kid on the show, because Gideon freakin' painted a beautiful picture of her face, and the other guy bought her a stupid stuffed animal? Which one would you rather recieve?! Yah Gideon way hotter than Sophie! I still can't believe that she picked the other guy... :(