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    • Ricky: (on his 2008 departure from Guiding Light) If you can leave... at the top of your game, there is an air of class in exiting like that. I just felt it was time.

    • Ricky: I can do whatever. I'm like a piece of Play-Doh.

    • Ricky: (on his first manager) I was a child actor in New York, and I was taken advantage of.

    • Ricky: I obviously love going into a movie theater and seeing a finished feature that took us three months as a team to shoot and another seven or eight months to put together to see the results. But my favorite is a sitcom that's taped in front of a live audience, because it's a mixture of theater and film, and you get to do it again if you mess it up.

    • Ricky: Never act, just be. I catch myself acting and it makes me sick. I'll down like five glasses of water, breathe in and out a lot. I used to go have a cigarette but I quit that, so now I go eat my Twix bars and I calm down; then I go back and I try it again. You cannot be perfect when you are doing this almost every day, but you can come close.

    • Ricky: In the early '90s I used to have really big hair. But you know, everybody was doing it. And when I would do appearances, people would want to touch it. I was like a farm animal!

    • Ricky: (on his upbringing) We had fancy meals and it was always all that elegant stuff when I was a baby. I wore little suspenders and leather, little short chap pants, shiny patent leather shoes and a little waistcoat with a jacket.

    • Ricky: I probably was a handful to raise. But I always look at life like a gigantic bicycle race, like the Tour de France. I will never get off this bicycle. I must learn to repair the bike, put in the air, do the oil, change the tires, the whole thing. But I will always be pedaling, until I drop dead. So don't count on me getting out of the race.

    • Ricky: (on his Guiding Light" character, Gus) He was supposed to be a cop, but he was supposed to be a clean-cut, all-American jock-type that had graduated from Quantico and was now in the FBI, but he couldn't boil water. I went in wearing all black and I hadn't shaved for a week. I didn't think I was going to get the role anyway, so I wanted to do my own thing that would make me happy.

    • Ricky: My love for human beings in relationships will always pale in comparison to my love for acting.

    • Ricky: Until I was 6 or 7, I had an Irish accent. Till I was 11 or 12, I had an English accent. Still, a lot of my friends razz me about the way I pronounce certain words.

    • Ricky: My mother has kept me in line all my life. She was never a stage mother... quite the opposite. She was always pushing me away from the business and giving me an alternative route.

    • Ricky: I never made a conscious decision to be in show business.