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  • shawn hunter

    so why does an opion poll yesterday wanna speak to justin about about shawn hunter or nick jonas and i usually been taking messages for him his sister kendra joy bethune i used to have a shawn hunter picture through a teen beat order when i was 16 or 17 in 1998 when i been writing seventeen about shawn and corey in madison high i am half black and cherokee
  • Great actor.

    Love him in "Boy Meets World".
  • Probably my favorite actor on Boy Meets World

    Rider is seriously amazing at acting. Sure, I only know him from Boy Meets World and maybe one other show, but just from Boy Meets World, it is obvious he is a good actor, and can be funny too. I would like to meet him someday in the future, though that will probably never happen. All I know is I think Rider Strong is a great actor, and also a very funny one. He should be in more TV shows and more movies, I think, because he has got a great talent for acting and needs to be in more stuff
  • Good actor

    I know him, from Boy Meets World (I think all of his fans that he has are because of Boy Meets World), and I find him as a very good actor, good looking and very underrated. I mean, he was great in the show which made him a star, but if he was really that good we would have heard of him in some other good movies, series, shows etc. Maybe it's about luck too, I don't know, but the one thing I'm sure is that he was great in Boy Meets World, you can see he can act, but it's too bad he doesn't give any good performance anymore. Anyway, good luck Rider!
  • a great actor, talented

    Rider Strong was born in San Francisco, California. His first professional acting job was the role of Gavroche in Les Miserables when he was 9 years old. Later, he landed the role of Shawn on Boy Meets World, the role that he's most well known for. In addition to Boy Meets World, Rider had guest-star credits for Evening Shade, Empty Nest, Nurses, and Home Improvement. Along with television, Rider has also appeared in feature films such as Benefit of the Doubt, The Pact, Cabin Fever, and Shades of Blue.

    Rider graduated from Columbia University in 2004 and recently landed a starring role on the upcoming WB television show, Pepper Dennis.
  • Simply fantastic!

    Rider Strong is one of my very favorite actors of all time. He is so amazing when he's acting. When he's playing a part he is so good at acting that you believe it's real and whenever he has a very emotional part it's hard not to feel the same way he does. He's very contagious. Not only is he an extraordinary actor,though,but he's very handsome,too. :) He should have his own show.
  • Rider Strong was a perfect Shawn Hunter!

    Rider Strong was perfect for the role of Shawn Hunter in Boy Meets World. He played the part very well, and we discovered in season 5 or 6 that Shawn's character had a lot more depth that it seemed in the beginning. Rider's performance, especially in Dangerous Secret and We'll Have a Good Time Then, was very good! He made Shawn seem almost like a real person. I think Rider should have had a bigger role in season 1 and had more lines in season 1. He should do more things now! Strong is a really talented actor.
  • Rider Strong has plenty of talent but unfortunately, he doesn't get as much work as he should.

    Yes, Rider Strong has had his share of movie and TV roles since Boy Meets World came to an ended...but not near as much as he deserves. But all in all, it seems like Mr. Strong is doing quite well. He's had more work than anyone else on Boy Meets World.

    "Acting is my day job. Writing is my passion," Rider said to People Magazine. He's a published poet and hopes to eventually receive an M.F.A. in writing. He's also a magna cum laude Columbia graduate according to People Magazine, which shows that he's obviously very smart.

    Hopefully we'll see Rider Strong in the near future.
  • This guy has acting power worthy of the mainstream shows.

    Maybe it's a good thing Rider Strong doesn't get any huge block buster roles. It makes him more mysterious, forcing the true fans to dig for information. What they uncover was worth the trek. (I recommend the OURSO website www22.brinkster.com/ourso)

    He was outstanding as Shawn Hunter in Boy Meets World and suavely played off the transition into college from a highschool "underachiever". He also played the epitomy of a best friend to perfection

    His most mainstream movie role came when he starred in Cabin Fever. The movie itself, while entertaining, was slightly a drag but that could be because the execs marketed it as purely a horror film, when in reality it was a film that payed homage to older horror films. The sheer grotesqueness is sometimes overdone (on purpose) to add a slightly "silly" effect. Nevertheless Rider played his part to perfection.

    His Poetry is insightful and very mature often delving into controversial issues.

    With so many charming qualities in addition to his acting talents, Rider Strong is one of the truly the under-rated actors of his time.
  • Well I totally agree!!! I've been in love with this man since I've seen him on TV!! He's so sexy and he's talented! I wish I could say the same about a few others!

    Well, he may have starred in a few...well not so big hits (like Cabin Fever) but he acted well in it! And he is to die for. Embarrassing as it is, I spend hours looking up pictures and interviews...etc. on him. Basically I would die to meet him, and I would die happy. Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Happy to meet him :D This is my favorite actor and my Biggest Crush Ever! :D
  • i think that rider strong is a great actor and i also think that he looks even hotter with his gootee. does anyone out there agree with me?

    i think he could of used more roles on tv and movies cause of what a great actor he is. and that smile is just soooo hot that i love looking at it and listening to his voice drives me crazy. does anyone else know how i feel. i mean about his smile and voice and how hot he looks with his gootee.