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Ridley Scott


11/30/1937, South Shields, Tyne and Wear, England, UK

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Sir Ridley Scott
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Successful British director whose artistic signature is an elaborate visual style, developed through years of experience as set designer and director of TV commercials. Scott studied art and film at the Royal College of Art in London before landing work as a set designer for the BBC. In…more


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    • Ridley Scott: Music is dialogue. People don't think about it that way, but music is actually dialogue. And sometimes music is the final, finished, additional dialogue. Music can be one of the final characters in the film.

    • Ridley Scott: (on directing his films) I don't think all directors do, but I certainly draw from personal experience - sometimes I remember things, sometimes it will come out from the back of my head and I'm thinking, I never knew where that came from.

    • Ridley Scott: (about the critics) They want purple, but you like red. So fuck it, I'm going to make red. I don't care what they say. I'm not making my movies for the critics.

    • Ridley Scott: Good FBI officers are not noticeable. You would never look at them.

    • Ridley Scott: I get so used to working with writers that my prime occupation is development.

    • Ridley Scott: I was always amazed about how much I could finally squeeze into a thirty second commercial.

    • Ridley Scott: If I have to, I'll go and direct theater and talk till the cows come home.

    • Ridley Scott: I figured any person that Steven (Spielberg) and George (Lucas) both put in leading roles is going to be a big star.

    • Ridley Scott: And anyway, it's only movies. To stop me I think they'll have to shoot me in the head.

    • Ridley Scott: (talking about his first directors cut version of Kingdom of Heaven) I do wish I'd originally released this, my first cut, but the great thing about the digital opportunity is that I can get another shot. It's not so much the money, it's more of an artistic frustration because I would like people to see what was intended originally. The enemy of film-making is the preview screening, which influences the final cut. It is a tool, but you should use it wisely. The danger is that by the time we reach the preview we have all seen the film so many times we have lost our ability to judge it's like telling a joke 15 times, until it is no longer funny. So we were thinking, well maybe it is a bit long and maybe it does take too long to get there, and so we cut it. I'm not laying any blame on the studio because they are very respectful regarding my wishes. If I'd wanted to I could have released this version. But there were scenes that were edited out that left the plot construct open to criticism, while others opened the discussion as to do I have a God or do I not, and who is speaking to me whether I might be Christian or Muslim? The Koran does not propagate violence or murder, and its commandments are very similar to those in the Bible. That is why I picked this film because it is so pertinent right now.

    • Ridley Scott: (when he asked about DVD releases) The DVD gives you a second opportunity to attract those viewers who now might venture into their living rooms and take a look at it. Another great thing about DVDs is that they allow the viewer to get into the minds of the filmmakers - to see how they solve problems, what they have to cut out on a daily basis, how they maintain a budget.

    • Ridley Scott: I'm a moviemaker, not a documentarian. I try to hit the truth.

    • Ridley Scott: It's remarkable that people will give you $10 million to go and get your rocks off.

    • Ridley Scott: Sex is boring unless you're doing it.

  • Half and half

    Really only rating based on one movie and that is Exodus Gods and Kings, for starters it was a great movie although i did expect more from Ridley as a director. He represented Egyptians and Israeli the best way he could with White actors but we all know that kinda ruled out the whole context. The story was fouled and the reasons for why certain things in the movie happened were misrepresented. Asides of this and Gladiator ofcousre, which is totally overrated, he is a good director.moreless
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    Ridley Scott is a bit of a hit or miss director. On one hand, he's created some of my favorite films such as Alien and Blade Runner. On the other hand, some of his films (like Gladiator and Black Hawk Down) are overrated.