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  • likeeeeeeeee

  • Great singer.

    She bugs me.
  • My Review of Rihanna

    Rihanna is one of the best singers for me, she's awesome and pretty with her dark hair. I think she has a cool style and a really cool name, and her voice is unbelievable. I hope she never quits in the music business, she belongs there because of her talent. I hope to hear more songs from her soon! My personal favorites from her are "We Found Love" and "Where Have You Been".

  • A Diva and an Individual

    I'll admit, when I first listened to her voice on the radio, I couldn't see what all the hype was about. But then, I tuned into some of her music videos on television, and let me tell you... she HAS undefinable talent. She has a strong presence in her videos, and her voice is versatile. She holds herself well in press conferences apparently, and I think that's when I began to look into her, aside from her cool style and red hair. Her voice is pretty versatile, and I really enjoy her music videos... the lyrics talk through her walks.
  • Save Rhianna!

    Rhianna is such a talented singer and dancer. Shame on Chris Brown. Rhianna should set an example to the many women (and their children) stuck in abusive relationship by getting out. At the very least she should testify against him - spousal privileges don't apply in her case so I am not sure upon what grounds he could prevent her from doing so other than emotional. Finally, to record and release a duet with him (although rumor has it that this is unfounded) would be a serious mistake and send the wrong message - to Chris and the women and girls who look up to her.
  • Rihanna is Awesome!

    Rihanna came onto the music scene in 2005 with her hit songs, Pon De Replay, SOS & Unfaithful, But until her massive hit Umbrella wich topped the UK charts for a record breaking 10 weeks she shot to fame, Since then she has had 5 number 1 songs in the US making her the 1 female with the most number 1 singles this decade tied with Beyonce, Rihanna Currently has her own Umbrella line and in 2009 will be launching her own fashion line and A new Album. Magazines quote her as '' the new Beyonce'' and say she has a ' fresh new style and sound''. All this and she is only 21!!!!!! THATS TALENT!
  • Great !

    Great !

    It all kicks off with the excellent number one hit Umbrella and the rest that follow manage to keep up with its standard.
    There's a nice slow song called Say It, a soulful duet with Ne-Yo on Hate That I Love You and a fast and fun dance hit-to-be Lemme Get That.
    Yes, yes, yes. Rihanna has been growing in popularity over the last couple of years and there's no stopping her now.
    Well, basically Rihanna is telling a young fella to call her if he feels like it.
    Come on girl, how about taking that first step yourself?
    It'll probably go top 10, but shouldn't set the charts on fire - it's just not got as much energy as it should do.
  • Rihanna is a singer...thats all I can think of!

    Rihanna is one of my favourite singers of all time, I don't think there is a song of hers that I don't like. Rihanna is one of the few artists that you can just listen to all day. The first song I heard of hers was "Umberella" and I really took a liking to that song and then I heard "Shut Up And Drive" which was being played at all my discos and parties ect.

    My favourite song of hers that I like is "Disturbia" it has been out for months now and I still have it on my iPod, which is a long time for me. All my other songs have been changed but I wouldn't dare change that song. Even thought the video scares me I think it is different and an amazing song!
  • she is her own person i guess...

    rihanna is original and i suppose that is good. my impression is that she is relatively down to earth. she has a good voice and has produced good songs, eg disturbia and live your life with TI. regarding the whole chris brown incident, i think that it would never have worked anyway. it is also unclear what actually happened in the back of that limo, so there are rumours that rihanna punched herself in the eye for attention. i personally think that this is untrue as that idea is stupid. i do however think that she should not have pressed charges as she was going out with the guy and a black eye is not the end of the world.
  • Rhianna is awesome in concert!

    I really am a fan of rhianna. She came to Chicago last night for the jingle bash. She was great live. I love her songs and some of them I didn't know she even sang. Very preety singer. She's unique with a style of her own. I like that she and Chris Brown are close. I just love him. They seem really cute together. If there really together. My favorite song from her is Please dont stop the music,Take a bow, and Unfaithful. Rhianna's music you can never get sick of because there upbeat and always something different to her tunes. I really liked her dancers on stage. They were excellent. She had the cutest elfit on. Your awesome Rhianna.Keep up the great work. Winny Look Alike :)
  • Rihanna is cute girl.

    Rihanna's cute and super hot girl. I always want have body like her. And, I think she's the luckiest girl can be chris brown's dating...
    Well, I'm so jealous with that! Firstly, I really, really hate you cause you kissed my CB. But lately I think: 'Hmm, why not?! Their look so cute if together. Rihanna's beautiful-sexy and Chris's hot-funny. The great couples ever!!! Beside, she's a great singer. Her songs's good!' (Although, I said like that I'll still wishing CB, anyway... He is in my heart, I love him forever!)
    Rihanna-with her super sexy body, exotic face, her talents, chris brown's girlfriend-is so lucky girl!

    by:Rihanna Hater become Rihanna Lover
  • I think she is great!!!

    I love Rihanna! I began to adore her and her music after hearing "umbrella" a year or so ago. She is absolutely beautiful! Her music is great to jam to when you're feeling low. I love "Good girl gone bad". It's motivational to girls that want to do bad things. I can't get "Don't stop the music" out of my head since hearing at the end of "America's Best Dance Crew" when The JabbaWockeeZ won! I love them too! She's one of the best things that ever happened to the musical industry and she's making history i tell you! I can't wait to buy her albums.
  • She's an awesome singer!

    Rihanna was born in Barbados in 1988 and she's so talented. Her real name is Robyn Rihanna Fenty. She is one of my favorite singers. I like a lot of her songs, but my favorite one currently is Don't Stop the Music. I also really like SOS (Rescue Me) and Pon De Replay. Shut Up and Drive and Umbrella are good too. I have all of those songs on my iPod. I'm listening to Don't Stop the Music now. I like her voice because it is different, and also because it sounds really good. Overall she has a lot of talent!
  • I love Rihanna!

    Rihanna is one of my favorite current singers! I just love her voice! It's gorgeous!! I love about all of her songs! My favorites are, ( in no particular order), Pon De Replay, S.O.S, Umbrella, We Ride, and Hate that I Love You. But there are many more. I also think Rihanna is a very pretty person. I like her fashion style too. It's just so great! Plus she's a great dancer! She is just so so talented! She is the new "pop princess". Anyways I just think that Rihanna is amazing and full of talent! I love her music so much!
  • i am gonna write about how much you are my idol

    i love rihanna i love your song rehab it is so cool and shut up and drive and umbrella i love you so much as in like as an idol you are my idol my name is Gemma and i am writing an essay on you i love it how you write and how you love yourself and believe in yourself you are my idol i love you so much and you need to know that your my idol but anyway i am going to go now before i say too much bye bye much love Gemma Gemma
  • Rihanna- the best

    If nothing else, it has been an eventful and eye opening year for Barbados born songstress Rihanna. In addition to recording one of the most popular singles of 2005, the hypnotic "Pon De Replay" (which bass bumped out of more car windows while igniting a slew of barbeques last summer), she won over the masses with her charming Bajan persona.

    "So much has happened in my life, I feel like I've grown five years in a year," she gushes. No doubt, by the time Def Jam Records released Rihanna's debut album Music of the Sun, it was obvious that this young woman was more than a one-hit wonder. With a work ethic reminiscent of Motown sisters back in the day when soul reigned supreme, Rihanna traveled throughout the world.

    2005 saw Rihanna rocking the mic on tour with Gwen Stefani, making crowds sweat in Japan, posing for magazine covers in Los Angeles and shooting her first film role for Bring It On Yet Again. This was a long way from the quiet life she led in Barbados in the parish of St.Michael. Robyn Rihanna Fenty has come through her musical initiation process unscathed. And now she is poised for everything that 2006 may hold as she readies to do it again with her sophomore release A Girl Like Me.

    "I grew up so much this past year. I had no choice. To pursue my dreams, and with their support, I left my entire family in Barbados to move to the States. It was a little scary to have no friends or family and all of a sudden step into a recording studio," recalled Rihanna. "2005 taught me the dedication and responsibility it takes to make this dream a reality. Waking up at 5:00 am to start rehearsals, the training, the schoolwork, interviews, video shoots, going all day; it always seemed glamorous but it is real work. My love for music and singing will never change but the rose colored glasses are no longer so rosy."

    "Many times over the past year, I didn't have anyone my age with me. When recording this album, I wanted it to seem like I was having a personal conversation with girls my age," says the eighteen-year-old singer. "People think, because we're young, we aren't complex, but that's not true. We deal with life and love and broken hearts in the same way a woman a few years older might. My goal on A Girl Like Me was to find songs that express the many things young women want to say, but might not know how."

    Dropping from the harmonic heavens to the groovalistic dance floor, Rihanna has returned with another single that will have listeners begging the d.j. to play it one more time. Produced by Jason Rotem, the sizzling "S.O.S." is bringing the summer heat early this year. With its hypnotic beat and enticing melody, "S.O.S." utilizes the electro-funk of Soft Cell's '80s classic "Tainted Love" to create a soulful anthem of young love.

    "I got excited when I first heard this track and three days later, it was recorded," Rihanna says. Turning heads with its rebel sound, "S.O.S." has been used as the theme song for their NIKE latest women's line, which can be viewed on NikeWomen.com. "Making that commercial was yet another new experience," she says. "It took six days to shoot, but working with choreographer Jamie King (Madonna and Shakira) was amazing."

    Focusing on progressing as an artist, Rihanna has recorded a compelling track of heartbreak called "Unfaithful." Penned by her label-mate Ne-Yo and Stargate, the song documents the tragic decay of a relationship when another person starts cheating.

    Yet, in this instance, it is the girl who has strayed. "On a lot of records, men talk about cheating as though it's all a game. For me, 'Unfaithful' is not just about stepping out on your man, but the pain that it causes both parties."

    Perhaps the most surprising track is the rock meets island vibe of "Kisses Don't Lie." Evan Rogers and Carl Sturken, the principles of her production company, SRP, used a mixture of Caribbean elements, electric guitar and a mesmerizing bassline." Coming from Barbados, I really hadn't heard that much rock music," Rihanna confesses. "Touring with Gwen changed my perspective. So, when I was discussing this project with L.A. Reid, Chairman of Island Def Jam Records, I made sure to say I want to experiment with some rock." During the recording of A Girl Like Me, Rihanna jet set down to Jamaica to record with Sean Paul on the yardie duet "Break It Off." Smiling, Rihanna explains, "I have so much respect and love for Sean Paul. He took me to visit the Bob Marley Museum before going into the studio, which was an amazing experience. When we finally got to the studio, I felt as though Marley's spirit was in the room with us."

    With A Girl Like Me, the beautiful singer proves that her breakthrough was no fluke. After selling 1 million copies worldwide of her debut Music Of The Sun, once again, the summer belongs to Rihanna.
  • She's really good

    I like Rihanna, I think she is a wonderful singer! Her song SOS is so good! I love listening to it. She is really pretty and really talented, I think she should keep up the singing thing. She rocks, Rihanna will probably keep making wonderful fantastic music for us for years to come.
  • Birth name Robyn Rihanna Fenty Born February 20, 1988 (1988-02-20) (age 19) Origin Saint Michael, Barbados Genre(s) Pop, R&B, reggae, dance Occupation(s) Singer-songwriter, model

    Cover Information Music of the Sun * Released: August 30,2005 * Chart positions: #10 US, #35 UK, #2 CAN, #30 GER, #23 UWC * RIAA Certification: Gold * U.S. sales: 500,000+ A Girl Like Me * Released: April 25, 2006 * Chart positions: #5 US, #5 UK, #1 CAN, #9 AUS, #13 GER, #18 FRA, #3 UWC * RIAA Certification: Platinum * U.S. sales: 1,163,976 Good Girl Gone Bad * Released: June 5, 2007 * Chart positions: #1 UK, #2 US * RIAA Certification: TBA * U.S. sales: 162,803

    Singles * 2005: "Pon de Replay" * 2005: "If It's Lovin' That You Want * 2006: "SOS" * 2006: "Unfaithful" * 2006: "We Ride" * 2007: "Break It Off" (Feat. Sean Paul) * 2007: "Umbrella" (Feat. Jay-Z) * 2007: "Shut Up and Drive"
  • Step under my umbrella ella ella ella eh eh eh eh eh eh

    Yep, my summary pretty much says it all. I havent really heard of rihanna before her song Umbrella came out. I knew she sung ponda replay,but Umbrella has officaily made me a Rihanna fan! That song is really original and creative! I love the video! I like the part where she has the silver paint all over her, that's kinda weird and random, but whatever it looked cool! I like the lyrics and the part with Jay-Z in the begining. I like her hair too. Haha, if I were a girl I would wear it like she does. Ok...Now i'm thinking....hahaa, but anyway, i'm looking forward to see what she comes out with next.
  • Rihanna is so talented!

    Rihanna is one of my favorite singers! The first time I heard one of her songs was on the radio driving to school. I heard S.O.S. (Rescue Me) and I absolutely loved it! :) Her other song, Unfaithful was another won that topped the charts and became one of my favorites as well. The way she sings is so beautiful and her attitudes towards it all is so fun. Her latest song, Umbrella, featuring Jay-Z is amazing! The first time I seen that was a world premiere on TRL and of course, I fell in love with it! Every song of hers is really good and I hope that she records more songs and has alot more albums in the future. :)
  • empty

    Rihanna; she's young, she's beautiful and she has amazing talent. She is only 19 and she is one of the most popular pop/R&B singers of the modern day. I got a little annoyed how she only had two singles from here first album and then they rushed on to the second. I found another 2 songs which were hit/single quality, so they should not have rushed on. All of her music is original and beautiful, I can see that she is going to have a big life ahead of her, let's just hope that she is not the next Britney Spears.
  • Such a beautiful singer!

    Rihanna has one of the most beautiful singing voice in Hip-Hop! HEr songs are both catchy and fun! SOS and Pon De Replay are good songs to dance to, and Unfaithful isn't exactly like her other songs, but still is very good to listen to. I've seen i her in her music videos, she looks so goreous in them! I'm just glad that she's not like the other female singers out there. She swims on talented and not how big she is. I just hope Rihanna stays in the music busnese for a long time!
  • Rihanna is one of my favourite actrisses! I love her music, and I think she is talented! I love her first album 'Music Of The Sun', and my favourite songs are Music of the sun, if it's lovin' that U want, and Pon de replay-from her first album!

    Rihanna is really talented actress! She can sing, and danse! Rihanna has great look, and she is beautifull! She is one of my favourite actresses! I love her music, and I havo all her cd-es ('Music of the sun' and 'A girl like me')! From her first album i love songs Music of the sun, If it's lovin' that you want, and Pon de replay! And of her second album I love We ride, A million miles away, Final goodbye, Break it of,.... I heard her sing live, and from tthen I think that she is cool and perfect!! Love her!
  • Pon De Replay girl

    At first I didn't like her song 'Pon De Replay' from her first album 'Muisc Of The Sun'. But, the more I listened to her, the more the song sound cooler. And after that, I loved her songs. 'SOS', 'Unfaithfull', 'We Ride' and 'Break It Off' were a real summer sensations! Groovy rhytms and catchy toons are all you need! ;) I've heard a rumour that she is making a third album (?!), but I don't know if it's true!
  • One of my fav\\\'s!!!!

    I love Rihanna!! She is one of my favourite singers right now, along with JoJo and Fergie. Rihanna has an amazing voice, and she can sing. I love her so so much. There isn\\\'t much else to say lol. She is defintly one of the all time greats, of 05-06, and hopfully till 07 also!! I am happy she was discovered, and S.O.S. and Unfaithful were both once my fav songs, and I still listen to them! I love the song Break It Off also, even though it is going to be Sean Pauls single, I still love it, and it does have Rihanna in it.
    That is why I give her 9.7 :)
  • My mind has been made up. Rihanna is my favorite singer!

    I wish I could give Rihanna more than a 10, because she is SO much better than a 10. My favorite song EVER is her song Unfaithful. I also love Pon De Replay and If It's Lovin That You Want. I also find SOS quite good. I could go on and on rambling about how good Rihanna is, but I want to make this short and sweet. Rihanna's style is soo hot. I love that white dress with the black stars (woot woot anybody see it?) and the lime green shoes. She is soo pretty and she is really nice. I could talk about Rihanna forever.
  • Sure....she can sing, but too whiny!

    Sure. . . . she can sing, but too whiny! It seems like in all of her songs, she is complaining about something she or someone else does, or her songs have completely no message/story in them (rescue me). She has a great voice, but her voice is wasted on horrible songs. Her music videos seem to all be remix's of the original song which shows someone agrees with me. Her songs are all age songs, which is uncommon for teen/young adult singers, but hers are. So in conclusion, she has talent but all of it is wasted in her songs.
  • This rising star signed with producer, Jay-Z, after singing for him in a meeting. The star has since then has come out with four singles.

    I absolutely loove this girl and she has become my favorite

    solo R&B singer. She is consistent with her singles and

    she keeps them coming and that's what I love about her

    work. She is determined to do well and has done so for the

    past few months. She has since then starting on her film

    career the former head cheerleader has a cameo in the

    upcoming "Bring It On 3". She decided to make a song about

    her cheating in the song "Unfaithful" written by fellow

    R&B star Ne-Yo.