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  • Louis C.K.; Rihanna

    Full Episode

    S 40 : Ep 22 - 5/16/15

    Live from New York, it's... the entire cast and Darrell Hammond!

    Sketches include "The Summer of Hillary," "The Shoemaker and the Elves," "Sprint," "Woodworkers Association of America" (two parts), "Couples' Retreat," "Thespian Line-Up," and "Forgotten TV Gems."

    Rihanna performed "B**** Better Have My Money" and "American Oxygen."

  • Kelly Osbourne Rocks the Red Carpet

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 3 - 11/8/13

  • Kylie Minogue's Look of the Future

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 2 - 11/1/13

  • Rock it for Rihanna

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 1 - 10/25/13

    The designers use musical inspirations for their first creations.

  • Anne Hathaway / Rhianna

    Full Episode

    S 38 : Ep 7 - 11/10/12

    Live from New York, it's.. Kate McKinnon and Jason Sudeikis!

    Sketches include "The Romneys' Election Night," "Girlfriends Talk Show," "Mokiki and The Sloppy Swish" (film), "Homeland," "McDonald's Team Meeting," "Ellen," "American Gothic," and "Flaritin."

    Rihanna performed "Diamonds" and "Stay."

  • Eli Manning/Rihanna

    Full Episode

    S 37 : Ep 20 - 5/5/12

    Live from New York, it's... Vanessa Bayer, Taran Killam, and Bobby Moynihan!

    Sketches include "Fox & Friends," "Amazon.com," "EA Sports Motion Capture," "Chad Kevin Jeremy's Trial," "Little Brothers," "WXPD at Occupy Wall Street," "What is This?" "Helga Lately," "Miss Drag World 2012," and "TCM Essentials: Cheech & Chong."

    Rihanna performed "Talk That Talk" and "Where Have You Been."

  • Jon Hamm/Rihanna

    Full Episode

    S 36 : Ep 5 - 10/30/10

    Live from New York, it's... Jason Sudeikis! Sketches include "Biden's Midterm Analysis," "Ronnie & Clyde" (Digital Short), "Vincent Price's Halloween Special, 1960," "Back To The Future Screen Tests" (two parts), "Lynette's Audition," "I Didn't Ask For This," "Highway Cops," "Darlique & Barney," and "American America: Dog in Purse" (cartoon). Rihanna performed "What's My Name" and "Only Girl (in the World)."moreless
  • Blake Lively/Rihanna

    Full Episode

    S 35 : Ep 8 - 12/5/09

    Live from New York, it's... Fred Armisen, Bobby Moynihan, and Kristen Wiig!

    Sketches include "Obama and the Salahis," "Carter 'n Sons," "Vagisil Superstars of Bowling Tournament 1989," "The Situation Room," "Shy Ronnie" (Digital Short), "Gossip Girl: Staten Island," "10th Annual Kickspit Underground Rock Festival," "Virginaca Hastings at Barney's," "UPS" (two parts), "Late Night with Chris Hansen," and "NASA Recruitment Office."

    Rihanna performed "Russian Roulette" and "Hard" (featuring Young Jeezy).moreless
  • Rihanna, Hugh Jackman, Eric Dill

    Full Episode

    S 7 : Ep 8 - 5/22/06

    Segment #1 - Rihanna and her friend stop and hear some street performers and when her friend puts in a $100 instead of a $5 they exchange it and the kids accuse them of stealing so Rihanna puts in a $10 and walks away. The uncle gets the cops and they tell her she's going to jail so she wants to give them the $100 and her album.

    Segment #2 - Hugh Jackman gets a tour of a director's house and is asked to turn on the grill but nothing happens so they leave for a restaurant only to return to the house on fire. Firefighters tell them that houses next to it are caught on fire as well. They tell them they need to go downtown for questioning.

    Segment #3 - Eric Dill and his band are at a bowling alley and they get yelled at for crossing the line and goofing around then Eric rolls the ball and right as it gets to the pins the metal bar comes down and breaks. Then he gets blamed for ruining a birthday party and a 300 game. An employee threatens Eric by saying he would be the first guy he beat up since he was released from prison.moreless
  • Darnell

    Full Episode

    S 3 : Ep 7 - 5/17/06

    Darnell throws a sweet 15 with a 'Coming To America' theme along with African dancers.