Rik Deskin





1/14/1966 , Hamilton, Ohio, USA

Birth Name

Richard Lee Deskin Jr.




Born Richard Lee Deskin Junior, Rik Deskin is a professional actor, director, stage manager and stagehand. As a child, he was also interested in TV and comic books. He has said that Batman was one of his inspirations growing up in Northern Kentucky.

Rik graduated from Jersey Village High School and acquired his acting skills through Drama classes and starring in plays. He eventually learned to direct and produce his own plays. He also appeared in several plays, while attending the Cornish College of the Arts, including Belles, Asleep in the Deep, Boeing Boeing, and Hot Shots.

Rik has made collaborations with Rosemary Poole-Carter who is a playwright and writer and they have produced many plays such as Mossy Cape. Rik is the founder of the Eclectic Theater Company in Seattle and is a member in Screen Actors Guild and Actors' Equity. He is married to Kim Deskin and they have four children together.