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  • The first man to give Thomas his voice.

    Ringo Starr is well-known around the world for being a member of the Beatles. My Dad, who loved the Beatles, is a big fan of him for a Beatle. I'm a big fan of him too. Not for being a Beatle however - but for being a narrator t=for Thomas The Tank Engine. Ringo was the first narrator for the show. When Britt Allcroft offered him the role when season one was going under production, Ringo was unsure at first, as he hadn't read the Railway Series. But he changed his mind, and became the first narrator. He delivered his lines well, and put great enthusasim in his narration, which was what put the first season to great success. I particually like his Gordon voice, which was potrayed deep and well. Ringo confirmed Gordon was his favourite character to voice. Ringo returned to narrate the second season of Thomas. His nrration in this season was even better than his season. He used better voices and enthusasim into it, and gave classic voices to characters such as Duck, Diesel and Harold. His improved and great narration is one of the reasons why season two is my favourite season. Ringo also potrayed Mr COnductor in the American spin-off of Thomas; Shining Time Station. Being British, I haven't seen much of this show. But from what I've already seen, he put grat acting into this two, potraying Thomas' special friend. Ringo left when the third season began to go into production, and was replaced by Michael Angelis in the UK and George Carlin in the US. Although Angelis is my personal favourite narrator, and Carlin is pretty good too, I miss Ringo. It would be nice if he came back, just to narrate an episode or two. Still, he was a great narrator. His role will always be remember, and I'm sure he will always have a place for Thomas in his heart.