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Rinko Kikuchi

Rinko Kikuchi


1/6/1981, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan

Birth Name

Yuriko Kikuchi



Also Known As

Kikuchi Yuriko, Rinko Kikuchi
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Rinko Kikuchi was born in Kanagawa, Japan on January 6, 1981, as Yuriko Kikuchi. She's acted in a variety of films and Japanese TV commercials since 1999. For her role as Cheiko Wataya in the 2006 drama Babel, Rinko received Golden Globe and Academy Award nominations for best…more


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    • (on her nude scene in "Babel")
      Rinko Kikuchi: I like the naked body. It's beautiful. An actress can't avoid using her body as a tool and nudity is one form of expression that you have available to you. I didn't mind doing that scene.

    • Rinko Kikuchi: I'd sincerely like to work on Japanese films as well, but at the moment I receive more offers from abroad. As long as there's a role I can be passionate about... I would take on any role from any country.

    • Rinko Kikuchi: In my opinion there is nothing an actor should never do or be. I think everything is a wonderful experience

    • (on director Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu)
      Rinko Kikuchi: He's a very passionate man. He is actually very detailed oriented as far as the emotional arc of the character. He knows every single thing about the character that I was playing; every single emotion. He knew what worked best on screen. Basically, knowing that he trusted me on the set that was an incredible experience. It was really great working with him.

    • (on her many awards nominations in 2006)
      Rinko Kikuchi: I'm really thankful for it. I never expected it at all. In Japan we normally don't spend so much time promoting one film. My work on Babel, as an actress I mean, happened so long ago already.

    • Rinko Kikuchi: I don't like the red carpet, too much pressure.

    • (on the audition for the movie "Babel" (2006))
      Rinko Kikuchi: The audition process actually took about a year. I had seen "21 grams" and "Amores Perros," and I was very much aware of Alejandro [González Iñarritu] as a director. I respected him very much from these two movies, and I very much wanted to get involved.

      I heard about the audition through my agent in Japan, and I immediately applied for it. They actually sent me a videotape of a deaf-mute person telling me that this was the kind of thing they were expecting.