Rino Romano

Rino Romano


Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Reno Romano , Rino romero
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Rino Romano (born 1969) is a voice actor probably best known for his voice roles as "Bruce Wayne" on the television show The Batman and as Darien Shields in the dub of the popular anime Sailor Moon. He also voiced the character Alexando Munro in the Star Trek…more


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  • Blew me back!

    I have always hated how Directors of Batman films made him sound like he has a raspy voice, but Rino was GREAT! He made bruce sound younger than most directors and made the batman Sound freaky, but stern. He was one of the reasons I watched the show. Just to kill space!!!!!! dexhsjyrjdrjdsrjd hghxsx bh h g d m nb v c x z a s d f g hj k l p o i u y t re wq a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x, y & zmoreless
  • loved him as the role of darrien on Sailormoon!!!!

    Hmmm I didn't know that the same guy that was spiderman also played the role of Darrien on Sailormoon. The cute hot guy that every girl loves, lol. Well he did his role as darrien justus. I loved watching Sailormoon. I was a Serena and Darrien fan for life once I saw them. The voices weren't to bad either. I never watched the japanesse version but I can say the dub was just fine to me. I mean gosh what do you expect I speak english not japanesse, lol!!!! Well any way good job!!! and hope to see Sailormoon back some day!!!!moreless