Rob Bartlett

Rob Bartlett


5/18/1957, Brooklyn, NY

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Brooklyn "businessman" Sal Monella, conservative icon Rush Limbaugh, Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame disc jockey Scott Muni, gossip columnist Liz Smith, "Godfather of Soul" James Brown, ice cream magnate Tom Carvel, Hindu standup comic Shecky Bhuta, "The Wacky Paki," "Bubba" and Roger Clinton, American-bashing Japanese comedian Buddy…more


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  • Rob Bartlett the Real Star of the Imus Show

    Rob is one of the funniest persons I have ever seen on TV, and in person. The man has a myriad of characters, and along with Tony Powell, they make my morning enjoyable, until Imus starts busting their chops. Imus the Health freak, who is now sick as a sea turtle on steroids, hasn't been in all week. Rob on the other hand, a little overweight, is a happy guy, who handles life superbly. He along with Collin, Bernie, Lou, Warner, and Tony, make the show much better even if the sour faced old wrinkled neck, complaining none eating ex druggie/alcoholic Imus is there or not. Imus' time is over. Where he was marginally funny years ago, and had as his sidekick Charles, who abruptly left and hasn't made contact since, retired, he had enough of this old cranky I was a drunk bragger. The show will go on, and Collin, will carry it, who took the place of Charles McCord, and is doing a great job. When at first the I-man attacked him verbally and Collin might have been a little nervous, he now commands the show. Kim Jung Un, may be missing, but so is Imus, who might have Phantom Ebola.moreless