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  • Rob Dyrdek is by far one of the best skaters out there! No Doubt.

    Rob Dyrdek is a pro skateboarder on the DC shoes skate team, as well as Alien Workshop, Silver trucks and a few others, too, He is also on the new reality Tv show Rob and Big, starring Rob and Christopher "Big Black" Boykin. Rob has been a pro since 1990 at the age on 16, and has been great ever since. He has his own skatepark in Ohio, which he helped build himself, as well as the TF in San Diego, California. Rob is a sponsor to Red Bull, and has his own products, such as his new shoes, the "Dyrdek1." One of his Prized possessions is his very heavily modified truck, his Urban Assault Veichle, or UAV, which he named Brad. Rob Dyrdek just gets better and better, and with his friends Big Black, Bam Bam, his cousin Drama, his bulldog Meaty, and Brad backin him up, he's got to love his home.
  • straight tuerck'd


    rob dyrdek throw my man ryan tuerck on your show hes a killah straight up holds it down on drifting sickest driver ever seen. coming from oahu hawaii please make a show for him thank you. he does some mean shit please put him up mahalo nui loa... in hawaiian thank you very much
  • South Dakota

    I just watched an episode of ridiculousness and Chanel said that she only goes to boring places like South Dakota. I am really offended by that because South Dakota is where I live and the only place where you can see four faces on a rock. Tell this to Chanel. . My mom thinks Chanels laugh is the most annoying thing on EARTH!!!!