Rob Estes

Rob Estes


7/22/1963, Norfolk, Virginia, USA

Birth Name

Robert Estes



Also Known As

Robert Estes
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Rob Estes is probably best known for his starring role as Chris Lorenzo in Silk Stalkings. More recently, he had recurring roles on Providence, Suddenly Susan and Gilmore Girls. His first big break in television was on Days of Our Lives. Estes recently starred in such telefilms as…more


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    • Rob Estes (On his morning exercise routine): On a typical day, I'll get up to exercise at 5:30 in the morning, because I have to get to work by 8 a.m. So, four times a week, my trainer shows up and we'll go mountain biking for 45 minutes near my home in the Santa Monica Mountains. That's a great warm-up. I'll ride over to these stairs up in the hills, and I run up and down those a couple of times. Oh, man, that kills me. After that, we go home and box or lift weights.

    • Rob Estes (On holding his son for the first time): When she put him in my arms, I knew exactly how to be a father and I have never looked back. Not to say there aren't differences as he gets older; I think it just deepens. You come into contact with your own stuff, and you know there are bigger challenges.

    • Rob Estes: I see so many people who get wrapped up in the work, and hey, to each his own, but there are other things to do in life.

    • Rob Estes: I live in Seattle. I moved there because my soon-to-be ex-wife's family lived up there, so we moved up there for the kids. Then after we had been there for two years, we split, but I will stay there because the kids love it.

    • Rob Estes: Life is a little crazy. In this business, it's feast or famine.

    • Rob Estes: For the last four years I have stepped onto shows that have already existed, and I'm really interested in making something from the ground up, and seeing how that goes.

  • Awesome guy!

    Rob Estes is awesome! I loved him in Silk Stalkings, Melrose Place, Terror In The Mall, Csi Miami, Providince, and Sweet Temptation. Even tho i'm only a teenager I know alot about his movies and shows because my mom used to watch those shows and stuff. Rob should be more famous because hes a great actor! He's different from the other actors in hollywood. Rob seems like a very nice person! I wish the best for him and his family! I cant wait to see his new movies or shows! Keep up the good work Rob, your awesome lol !moreless
  • Rob Estes

    I have followed Rob Estes's work since he was on Silk Stalking. I really miss his charming character Chris Lorenzo. I think that they need to do a Silk Stalking reunion. I aslo loved him on Melrose Place and I cannot believe that they canceled his show last year The Evidence. That was the best crime show ever. It was so different from most of the other shows and I don't understand why it did not last. Now I am excited to watch him on the new show this fall Woman's Murder Club. I was also disappointed to her that he will not get to play Mike Hammer becasue the movie production was canceled. I am hoping that he will do some more tv movies this year I really miss seeing him on TV all the time.moreless