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  • Awesome guy!

    Rob Estes is awesome! I loved him in Silk Stalkings, Melrose Place, Terror In The Mall, Csi Miami, Providince, and Sweet Temptation. Even tho i'm only a teenager I know alot about his movies and shows because my mom used to watch those shows and stuff. Rob should be more famous because hes a great actor! He's different from the other actors in hollywood. Rob seems like a very nice person! I wish the best for him and his family! I cant wait to see his new movies or shows! Keep up the good work Rob, your awesome lol !
  • Rob Estes

    I have followed Rob Estes's work since he was on Silk Stalking. I really miss his charming character Chris Lorenzo. I think that they need to do a Silk Stalking reunion. I aslo loved him on Melrose Place and I cannot believe that they canceled his show last year The Evidence. That was the best crime show ever. It was so different from most of the other shows and I don't understand why it did not last. Now I am excited to watch him on the new show this fall Woman's Murder Club. I was also disappointed to her that he will not get to play Mike Hammer becasue the movie production was canceled. I am hoping that he will do some more tv movies this year I really miss seeing him on TV all the time.
  • Loved him in Silk Stalkings!

    Ooo babe I loved him as Chris in Silk Stalkings, I think it was his best role ever played. The cemistry between him and his parnter was great and I loved how they called each other Sam! He was and still is one of my number one cops, great acting and the passion he brought to his charector is sweet. I might note have seen every role he played but most definitely he was awesome in Slik Stalkings, it was just not the same after his charector died and they got new detectives. Great aide and one of the top actors that I love!
  • Rob Estes is superb in anything he does. He cango from a outrageous phycho to a charming witty detective like in Silk Stalkings and the Evidence or even a sex pot chef in Melrose. He has the making of one of the most superb actors.

    I think his role as SGT. Christopher "SAM" James Lorenzo in Silk Stalkings was the best in his career the clothes were a little loud but his and Mitzi Kapture captured fire within themselves and it portrayed into his character. My dream would be he was in a coma and was resurrected because someone made a really bad pratical joke and he would turn up 13 years later to find his sam and twins.