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    • Rob Estes (On his morning exercise routine): On a typical day, I'll get up to exercise at 5:30 in the morning, because I have to get to work by 8 a.m. So, four times a week, my trainer shows up and we'll go mountain biking for 45 minutes near my home in the Santa Monica Mountains. That's a great warm-up. I'll ride over to these stairs up in the hills, and I run up and down those a couple of times. Oh, man, that kills me. After that, we go home and box or lift weights.

    • Rob Estes (On holding his son for the first time): When she put him in my arms, I knew exactly how to be a father and I have never looked back. Not to say there aren't differences as he gets older; I think it just deepens. You come into contact with your own stuff, and you know there are bigger challenges.

    • Rob Estes: I see so many people who get wrapped up in the work, and hey, to each his own, but there are other things to do in life.

    • Rob Estes: I live in Seattle. I moved there because my soon-to-be ex-wife's family lived up there, so we moved up there for the kids. Then after we had been there for two years, we split, but I will stay there because the kids love it.

    • Rob Estes: Life is a little crazy. In this business, it's feast or famine.

    • Rob Estes: For the last four years I have stepped onto shows that have already existed, and I'm really interested in making something from the ground up, and seeing how that goes.