Rob Frisbee

Rob Frisbee


2/28/1973, Minneapolis, MN

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Rob Frisbee


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Rob Frisbee is most known for having participated on the first season of The Amazing Race. He and his team mate Brennan won the race along with the one million dollar cash prize. Later on, he made an appearance on a talk show called Politically Incorrect. Rob describes…more


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    • Rob: (regarding The Amazing Race and his teammate Brennan) We know each other's strengths and weaknesses, and we know how to play with them.

    • Rob: (regarding winning The Amazing Race 1) Our strategy was to keep drama to the minimum.

    • Rob: (in a chat room) [laughs] We're certainly not millionaires. We do have good careers, but we also have debt from law school and plenty of good uses for the money.

    • Rob: Brennan's exciting, but I am really boring.

    • Rob: (regarding how much money he and Brennan received on the final leg) I don't recall exactly how much we received on the final leg, but it wasn't more than a hundred dollars. However we had been extremely good throughout the race at saving money from prior legs. We never slept in hotels, we conserved food, all the time hoping that saving money might be an advantage later in the race. We had saved close to one thousand dollars by the final leg.

    • Rob: (regarding he and Brennan being a bit sad when other teams were eliminated) We were sad when all the Teams were eliminated, because they all played their hearts out. Of course, we were especially sad to see Nancy & Emily and Kevin & Drew have to leave, because we'd become very close with them by the time they were eliminated.

    • Rob: (regarding what he and Brennan would do during a 12 hour mandatory rest period) We would try to get some rest, if possible, but a lot of the time was devoted to doing interviews, discussing the prior leg, and we also tried to do some preparation and strategy for what we thought might come next. Honestly, though, the best part about the Pit Stops was when there was time to hang out and have fun with the other Teams.

    • Rob: (in an interview regarding Frank, who finished in second place on The Amazing Race 1) Let me start by saying that Frank's a great competitor and sometimes the adrenaline gets the better of him. I think a good example was in the final show, where Frank kept thinking we were following him and trying to do underhanded things, when in fact we made all our flight reservations before them and chose not to sabotage them.

    • Rob: (in an interview segment) Honestly, it really was anybody's game. We had the advantage of being young and some physical talents, but we hadn't traveled as much as some of the other teams, and that counted just as much in the race. We had a lot of luck come our way and all the teams were very strong.

    • Rob: (riding a camel in Tunisia) This isn't too good for the male anatomy; the family jewels are not having fun.

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