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    • Rob Huebel: I only like rock bands from my high school such as The Severing and My Dad is a Hypocrite.

    • Rob Huebel: I am shooting a new comedy shot for MTV with my pals Paul Scheer and Aziz Ansari, it's called Human Giant and comes in April; Jason Woliner is directing, it will kick your a** so hard.

    • Rob Huebel: I just bought one of those sleep machines that makes a bunch of different noises you can sleep too. But there are so many options, I can't decide and it's driving me fu**ing crazy. Therefore I will let the good people of Myspace decide what noise I should sleep to.

    • Rob Huebel: I kind of thought early on I'll study advertising and make commercials. So I study marketing and never really got to into advertising, but then eventually got into doing commercials, kind of trough a circuitous here route. All that was really just because I wanted to be funny and make people laugh and just do funny commercials and stuff.

    • Rob Huebel: I've always been interested in film and TV. When I was little, my mom used to take my brothers out here to L.A. She has a friend out here who would stay with, and we would go to see the tapings of all that shows and stuff.

    • Rob Huebel: I think I was just like everybody. I watched a lot of Saturday Night Live when I was little, my mom was hooked on SNL, so we watched that every weekend. I'm a huge fan of all those old guys.

    • Rob Huebel: Me and Paul Scheer and Aziz went to Las Vegas over the weekend to celebrate the premier of Human Giant on MTV. We were hoping the show to be popular. We just didn't expect it to be so popular with strippers. Strippers!. The most overlooked television demographic.