Rob James (I)

Rob James (I)


10/30/1977, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Birth Name

Robert James


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Rob was born in 1978 in Winnipeg; while working on his own musical project, he met Luke McMaster, and the two formed the band "McMaster & James" in 1997. They released an album, but then parted ways. Rob decided to return to university to pursue a career as…more


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    • (about Canadian Idol)
      Rob: This competition tests you on all levels... physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It brings out any weakness you may have and shines the spotlight on it for all to see.

    • (about being on Canadian Idol)
      Rob: The schedule is hectic and the hours are long, but I'm loving it!

    • (about his father, whom Rob counts as an inspiration)
      Rob: He's a very solid, honourable man. He has always had faith in me, even when I let him down.

  • Well... maybe not a show, but a record deal!

    Rob James was a contestant on the 2006 season of Canadian Idol, and this review is based on his appearance there.

    Rob showed up for the auditions under his own personal cloud; he'd previously been part of a band, and had a record deal, but that hadn't really gone anywhere. He auditioned and got into the finalists, and made it to the Top 10, after repeatedly being in the bottom four contestants. The cloud was still over his head, so much so that it was practically visible. The judges kept telling him to loosen up, and as the weeks went by, he began to do that.

    By the week that they did the hits of the 70s, Rob had definitely loosened up; his singing was always wonderful to listen to, but it only got better as he bacame more and more relaxed. It was unfortunate that he got voted off that week, as he was really beginning to come into his own; the only thing that I can hope for is that he gets another record deal out of his appearance, and continues to sing, because he has a marvellous voice.moreless