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  • Rob does a great Job, I wish I had the cnace to work with him and the Actors I work with him could work with him as well. They love his work as well. Sincerely, Joe Star Studios Bensalem PA 19020

    Rob does an excellant job, I can't believe how good he is. he is really underrated as an actor and I know myself and the three girls that I work with would love to be in his Show(s) he is really a true Philadelphia original and I'm very proud of him. Being a writer as well as an actor I was really glad to see a show that has a purpose and is really down to earth on a Viewer basis. Looking foward to working with him in the future,
    Star Studios Bensalem PA
  • Couch dance, couch dance ... Let me put you in that couch trance.

    What a complete and utter hunk this kid is... I mean his bruding look makes women love him and men want to be him! He is the complete package equipped with the body, the mind, the face and the package. I would kill for a night in the backseat of the Shaddie with this kid! owwwwww!!!!! Great Job so far, Rob. I am so proud of you. -Billy Balls
  • Wow.

    This guy is a genius. Because of him, him and four of his friends are enjoying BIG PILES of CA$H. His friends owe a lot to him. Not only is he the Creator, Star, Writer, and Producer, but he also is AN AMAZING Creator, Star, Writer, and Producer. Words barely describe his greatness. FX really found a great show. I can't believe that I couldn't come up with the show. His show is being compared to Seinfeld! SEINFELD! Episodes are on every Thursday and they will be for a very, very, very, very long time. I can guarentee you that.
  • Extremely talented and good looking to boot!

    McElhenney is a modern day Renaissance Man. Not only is he good looking, but he is the whole backbone of It\'s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. This young man is not only an actor on the show, but he is also the creator and one of the writers. How many young actors today are really this talented?

    McElhenney\'s character is also one in a million. You love to hate him because of his crudeness and ignorance, but at times you have to feel sorry for him as his dad is a psycho in jail and he rarely gets the girl. A multidimensional character! What a concept!