Rob Morrow

Rob Morrow


9/21/1962, New Rochelle, New York, USA

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Rob Alan Morrow
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Before he became widely celebrated as FBI Agent Don Eppes on Numb3rs, Rob Morrow was best known for his critically acclaimed portrayal of New York doctor Joel Fleischman on the hit television series, Northern Exposure. For his work on this show, he received two Golden Globe and three…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Rob won his downhill ski race against Carlos Bernhard at The Deer Valley Celebrity Ski Feast. His win gave his team the win for this event. He was on Team Steve Mahre.

    • Rob won the downhill ski race against Scott Wolf at The Deer Valley Celebrity Ski Feast.

    • Rob sent a big check to the snow boarder who got lost at the same time as he and his ski group did in CO. They would have had to spent the night on the mountain without him.

    • Rob contributed to Barak Obama's 2008 Presidential campaign.

    • Rob actually dropped out of High school.

    • While working as assistant to Michael Bennett in the musical Dream Girls, Morrow was given his first big break when he was cast into the lead role in the play Third Street by Bennett.

    • Some of Rob's photographs were actually used for Northern Exposure.

    • Rob learned to play golf so that he could realistically portray the golf-obsessed Dr. Joel Fleischman (His character on Northern Exposure).

    • He is an avid golfer.

    • Rob has a long-time hobby of photography.

    • Rob is a member of the Ensemble Studio Theater.

    • Rob is a member of The New York Stage and Film Company.

    • Rob is on the Board of Directors of Project ALS.

    • At the end of 2004 into 2005, Morrow is the voice of the "Moving You Forward" ad campaign for Toyota.

    • When Rob was 9 years old, his parents divorced.

    • Awards and Nominations:
      -An independent film Maze that Rob wrote, (directed and co-produced with wife Debbie) won the audience choice honerable mention award at Cinequest at the San Jose' Film Festival in March 2001 and it also won the AFI Fest New Directions Award - Special Mention.
      -In 2000 at the Ft. Lauderdale International Film Festival he won the 'President Award for Spirit of Independents'.
      -In 1992 and 1993 he was nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series
      for: Northern Exposure.
      -In 1992, 1993 & 1994 he was nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Performance by an Actor in a TV-Series - Drama
      for: Northern Exposure.
      -in 1995 he was nominated for a SAG Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series for Northern Exposure.

    • Rob was an extra as a jury member in court in a Saturday Night Live skit with Rodney Dangerfield as host.

    • Rob married actress Debbon Ayer in 1998. Rob and Debbie welcomed their first child, daughter Tu Simone Ayer Morrow, on April 25, 2001. Tu weighed 7 lbs. 3oz.

  • Quotes

    • Rob: (On Northern Exposure contractual dispute) The inference that I was very serious was there. I guess that was implied through my attorneys.

    • Rob: (About Northern Exposure) Everyone entered into the show with the sense of taking a personal risk, I believe in that. I really strongly believe in sacrifice and in being a team player. If you believe in something and it hits, you get rewarded in the back end.

    • Rob: (On Northern Exposure contractual dispute) I mean, I didn't miss one single day of work. Not a minute. I was characterized as someone who was not grateful or was biting the hand, which was so off the mark. There were many extenuating circumstances.

    • Rob:(on living in L.A.) I am a New Yorker, and I forget sometimes because you get used to the nice, easy life in L.A. There's an energy, there's a compression here. As soon as you get here you get an energy and a vitality. I feel very creative here, and young for some reason.

    • Rob (On shooting a scene of "Numb3rs"): Must have been 40 guys between the ages of 25 and 40 and it was insane. We're all shooting automatic weapons and there's smoke and it's really crazy and they yell 'Cut!' and you see every one of us stand up with the biggest grins on our faces.

    • Rob: Northern Exposure allowed me to be able to make a living doing the work I want to do. In terms of the experience of making it, it crystallized the process of acting and making films for me.

    • Rob Morrow: (said this about working onNumb3rs) I've made a good living for a long time now. Even in my down years I've always kind of worked, whether it's low profile stuff," said Morrow. "But it's the idea of working with these people that I really love, these people that create the show, that run the show. I can't say it's not stressful and difficult, but it's a good time. It's fun.

  • Awesome!!!!!!!!! not just his looks but talent and skill...

    loving Don Eppes [numb3rs] and Doc Hollins [movie: Bucket List] need to find other shows and movies that show off his Talents Never actually seen 'northern exposure' but will find it VERY soon!!!

    Cant wait for new numb3rs; RM/DK relationship as on-screen brothers is sometimes painful to watch but in a good kind of 'I-can't-bare-to-look-but-i-have-to'way (especially in 'when worlds collide') which is a tribute to both actors, they have the ability to make the audience cringe or cry at will! Any other big RM fans will love numb3rs wiki i'm already a member its great fun and everyone is welcome to join
  • I like the show numb3rs and I like the cast, my favorite one is Rob Morrow and David Krumholz that plays the brothers. I like the actor who play thier father on the show, and the rest of them that are on the show.moreless

    The show numb3rs is a good show that shows how two different professions can work, the show is a family base show that has to deal with two brothers and thier father. Rob morrow is my favorite of the show of all the actors, he is a very talented actor who can play different roles. I seen him in movies and some I like and some I don't, that is a good thing because if they play the same person every time no one will watch them. I like him better in numb3rs playing Don Eppes the FBI agent, who brought his brother Charlie in to help with the crimes. He plays a very caring boss to the people he works with, and a protective brother to his brother Charlie who he loves. You can see the chemistry between him and the rest of the cast, they all get along really well and act like a family when they are together.moreless