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  • Awesome!!!!!!!!! not just his looks but talent and skill...

    loving Don Eppes [numb3rs] and Doc Hollins [movie: Bucket List] need to find other shows and movies that show off his Talents Never actually seen 'northern exposure' but will find it VERY soon!!!
    Cant wait for new numb3rs; RM/DK relationship as on-screen brothers is sometimes painful to watch but in a good kind of 'I-can't-bare-to-look-but-i-have-to'way (especially in 'when worlds collide') which is a tribute to both actors, they have the ability to make the audience cringe or cry at will! Any other big RM fans will love numb3rs wiki i'm already a member its great fun and everyone is welcome to join
  • I like the show numb3rs and I like the cast, my favorite one is Rob Morrow and David Krumholz that plays the brothers. I like the actor who play thier father on the show, and the rest of them that are on the show.

    The show numb3rs is a good show that shows how two different professions can work, the show is a family base show that has to deal with two brothers and thier father. Rob morrow is my favorite of the show of all the actors, he is a very talented actor who can play different roles. I seen him in movies and some I like and some I don't, that is a good thing because if they play the same person every time no one will watch them. I like him better in numb3rs playing Don Eppes the FBI agent, who brought his brother Charlie in to help with the crimes. He plays a very caring boss to the people he works with, and a protective brother to his brother Charlie who he loves. You can see the chemistry between him and the rest of the cast, they all get along really well and act like a family when they are together.
  • Rob is a good actor.

    I think that Rob Marrow is a very talanted actor. I really like him in the show Numbers. I think tht he does a really good job with his character Don Epps in the show. I was not all that surprised to learn that he is a writer and a director for movies and television show. Just like i was surprise to learn that he directed a couple of episodes for the show Joan of Arcadia. I use to love that show when it was on the air. Hope Numbers continue to do well because i like to see him in the show Numbers.
  • He's both too charming and too cute!!!!

    Rob Morrow is such a hottie I couldn't take my eyes off him!!!! He is a great actor in the show 'Numb3rs' that I wish that I woud meet him up close and personal!!!!

    Since I started watching Numb3rs at the age of 16, he delivers and when he delivers, he nails it and it makes me realise that I wish that he was my brother!!!!:D:D

    Overall, he is a great actor and he is already my favourite actors of all time.

    My verdict: Great actor with a great sense of humour and a funny personality!!!!

    I'm giving him a 10 out of 10 (2000%) if I have to.
  • A truly great and underappreciated actor.

    Rob Morrow is an excellent actor and very diverse. The range of characters he has portrayed on TV and in movies is immense and he is able to truly become the person. His portrayal of Dr. Joel Fleischman in Northern Exposure was true NY snobby doctor - it took a long time to change him into a solid, emotional person - but the jounney was believable. On Numb3rs his character Don Eppes is 180 degrees from Joel; but he completely pulls it off. He is now the tough, justice yielding protector of us all. He is able to once again become the character and you forget every role he's played. He makes the FBI and his family seem as if they are right there with us. His movies have been the same - Quiz Show, Only Love, The Emporers Club - all diverse but done above and beyond. Deserves a huge nod from Emmy.
  • Rob Morrow plays his characters with humor and with heart.

    I was a little too young to have watched Northern Exposure when it was on, so Numb3rs was my true introduction to Rob Morrow. I had seen and enjoyed his acting in movies like The Emperor's Club and Quiz Show, but his portrayal of Don Eppes is what cements him in my mind as a great actor.

    He plays Don with many facets: humor, warmth, aggression, etc. as the situation requires. He actually enjoys his role, which comes through in his performance and makes Don's interactions with his family and his team all that much more believable.

    The man is also wonderful to look at, which is always a plus. Not only is he attractive but he gives his characters little quirks that make it a joy to watch him on screen.
  • Rob Morrow is a v3ry tal3nt3d actor who plays Don 3pp3s v3ry w3ll in Numb3rs.

    Rob Morrow is probably b3st known for portraying Don 3pp3s in Numb3rs. I m3an that is th3 only r3ason why I know who h3 is. Rob is gr3at at b3ing a FBI ag3nt and b3ing th3 t3am l3ad3r. H3 also acts v3ry w3ll in Numb3rs as th3 old3r broth3r who car3s about his family and th3 jok3r in th3 hous3 and th3 FBI c3nt3r. Rob Morrow should try to b3 in mor3 b3tt3r movi3s so h3'll b3 w3ll known for b3ing a movi3 star and a Numb3rs cast m3mb3r. I kust r3ally lov3 Numb3rs so I hop3 h3 continu3s his b3st th3r3.
  • What a guy!

    Wow! Rob Morrow is simply a great guy. Most importantly, he loves his wife withat means the most h all his heart, and tto me. Beyond that--he is an actor with incredible skills. Rob is a perfect example of a devoted actor. He takes his job seriously, and it shows! Can't wait to see more of him for years to come!