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  • I like the show numb3rs and I like the cast, my favorite one is Rob Morrow and David Krumholz that plays the brothers. I like the actor who play thier father on the show, and the rest of them that are on the show.

    The show numb3rs is a good show that shows how two different professions can work, the show is a family base show that has to deal with two brothers and thier father. Rob morrow is my favorite of the show of all the actors, he is a very talented actor who can play different roles. I seen him in movies and some I like and some I don't, that is a good thing because if they play the same person every time no one will watch them. I like him better in numb3rs playing Don Eppes the FBI agent, who brought his brother Charlie in to help with the crimes. He plays a very caring boss to the people he works with, and a protective brother to his brother Charlie who he loves. You can see the chemistry between him and the rest of the cast, they all get along really well and act like a family when they are together.