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  • Trivia

    • 3/6/07- RVD defeated Elijah Burke

    • RVD is friends with Sabu in real life.

    • RVD is a huge fan of the show "Heroes".

    • RVD always refers to himself as "One Of A Kind". His theme song is even called One of a Kind.

    • He owned a comic shop, but it closed down in September 2006.

    • RVD was featured in the video game "Smackdown vs. Raw 2007".

    • He was in the first-ever Elimination Chamber at Survivor Series 2002.

    • He was featured in an article in the march 1999 issue of "High Times".

    • His favorite band is The Kottonmouth Kings.

    • His favorite comic book character is Ghost Rider.

    • He has said that he does not want any children.

    • He has been married to Sonya since 1998.

    • His mom's name is Pat.

    • On the December 5th edition of ECW, RVD dedicated his match to Sabu, after Sabu suffered from a concussion 2 nights prior to the match.

    • One of his signature moves is called "Air Van Dam".

    • RVD was entry #1 in the Extreme Elimination Chamber at December To Dismember 2006, but he ended up getting eliminated 3rd.

    • RVD was chosen to wrestle in Team Cena at Survivor Series 2006.

    • 10/24/06- RVD defeated the Big Show for the second week in a row.

    • He defeated Big Show in a non-title match on the October 17th episode of "ECW On Sci Fi" in 2006.

    • Career Highlights: ECW World Heavyweight Champion, ECW Television Champion, 2-time ECW Tag Team Champion, WWE Champion, 6-time Intercontinental Champion, 2-time WWE World Tag Team Champion, WWE Tag Team Champion, European Champion, 4-time Hardcore Champion, unified the Intercontinental Championship with the Hardcore and European Championships.

    • He defeated Chris Benoit at Summerslam 2002 to become the new intercontinental champion.

    • He defeated Ric Flair at 'No Mercy' 2002.

    • He defeated Goldust at 'No Way Out' 2002.

    • He was in the original ECW for 5 years, he was in it from 1996 until it went bankrupt in 2001.

    • On June 2, 2006, he was pulled over and arrested because he had 18 grams of marijuana and 5 vicodin.

    • Finally captured the WWE World Championship from John Cena at ECW One Night Stand 2 on June 11th, 2006 from the Hammerstein Ballroom, New York. The win was controversial as two referees were knocked unconscious, the first an ECW ref hit by John Cena, the second was knocked out by Edge after hitting Cena with the Spear. The spear gave RVD opportunity to hit the 5 Star Frogsplash and got the pin, which was made by ECW General Manager, Paul Heyman.

      It was said that seeing as the match was anything goes, the win does count and RVD is the World Champion.

    • Rob Van Dam won the second ever Money in the Bank Ladder Match at Wrestlemania 22 which gives him a shot a either the World Heavyweight Title or the WWE Championship between then and the next Wrestlemania. He cashed it in a ECW's Pay-Per-View One Night Stand to face then current WWE Champion, John Cena.

    • His signature moves are the "Five Star Frog Splash" and the "Van Daminator."

    • WWF/WWE Titles Held:
      1-Time WWF/WWE World Heavyweight Championship
      3-Time WWF/WWE Hardcore Champion
      2-Time WWF/WWE Intercontinental Champion
      1-Time WWF/WWE Tag Team Champion (With Kane)
      ECW Titles Held:
      2-Time ECW Tag Team Champion (With Sabu)
      1-Time ECW Television Champion

  • Quotes

    • Rob Van Dam: Burke, You can't even spell E-C-W.

    • Rob Van Dam: The biggest difference between my frog splash and Eddie Guerrero's is that... Mine's better and I go way higher!

    • Rob Van Dam: Let me tell you something, man -- anger is a negative energy -- you need to shake that right now.

    • Rob Van Dam: (on the WWE Championship) I'm keeping this one! Look, it spins!

    • Rob Van Dam: I'm R-V-D!

    • Rob Van Dam: Definitely I get the job done -- and my fans definitely understand my manner, and whenever I get a chance I love to preach my beliefs to other people. And I'll be the first to tell you, Dr. Tom, a true warrior fights with no emotion.