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  • Robb had a slightly tense start. His 2nd appearance was great! A wry sense of humor and is by far the best looking guy on the Ghost Buster shows. Star quality and one wonders if this is the vector for his talent.He is is a charmer!

    The show itself is a little boring, and certainly redundant with regard to the tehcniques. Why are paranormal investigations always done at night? Robb, as leader, approaches each event with an analytic leadership perspective. He interacts particularly well with the external people. The women are a bit too shrill and are not remotely scientific. I find the show is able to hold my attention, and that Robb could play a larger role and make this far more creative. He has more dimensions to his personality than the other members of the team. As is, the show is too formulaic, and he creates a break in the usual trajectory of activities. He could take a lot more advantage of the international venue than he does. The others are less interesting. I'd like to hear Robb debrief with a bit more freedom to express his own ideas. If he were to sum the context with regrad to various paranormal possibilities, with a little history, and interject freely with a little of his humor, it would spark up this show a lot. The women, well I would replace them both! They seem too labile. Robb does not interact with them much and a solid intelligent female to counterbalance him would make the show a lot more interesting. He is clearly talented, handsome, articulate, and capable. He needs a better team and more freedom to show his strengths. I really like him though! I watched Show # 2 only because of him.