Robbie Lee





9/1/1954 , Hollywood Californis

Birth Name

Robin Lee




Robbie was born to Ralph and Georgia Lee Hoopes. Ralph a noted preacher and founder of Valley Presbaterian Church as well as a talented character actor. Georgia Lee, star of countless Billy Graham movies as well as her own TV show in the early 60's on CBS.

Robbie went to school in the San Fernando Valley at both Los Angeles Baptist High School & Monroe High School, from where she graduated in 1972. Staring in countless commercials, both print and TV, Robbie landed her first Staring Role as Lace, in Switchblade Sisters. Shortly there after she co-stared in Big Bad Mama. During this period of time she appeared on The Six Million Dollar Man, Police Woman and a pilot TV show with Pam Dauber called "Sister Terry". With her unique voice, Robbie found a place in the Voice Over world and became a leader in the cartoon world and well as commercials. From Get Along Gang to Rainbow Brite, Robbie soared to the top of her profession.