Robbie Rist

Robbie Rist


4/4/1964, La Mirada, California, USA

Birth Name

Robert Anthony Rist



Also Known As

Robbie Reist
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    • Robbie: I was voted number 76 of VH1's all-time greatest kid stars!
      Too bad there isn't cash or prizes involved.

    • Just how much heavy-lifting did the Brady's expect Alice to do? In this episode while Carol & Cindy are recooping in bed, Alice mentions she's "going to the market" and would Carol like her to pick anything up? Carol writes her out a list. But in other episodes Carol always had to take Alice to the store since she didn't drive! Was Alice expected to lug groceries for 8 people home on the bus?! Unless she called Sam and asked him to help.

  • Robbie Rist started off with nothing at first, but then he became recognizable and the best when he appeared as the small bratty cousin Oliver on "The Brady Bunch." He is a splendid actor, years went by and his kid appearence started fading away.moreless

    This actor is truly excellent! At first, I never recognized him, but when I saw him on "The Brady Bunch" as that small kid Oliver, that was too good to look at. I recognized him mostly in several anime shows, such as "Naruto" and "Zatch Bell." Anyway, he certainly does have amazing talent. He should keep it up with his voice acting work.