Robbyne Manning

Robbyne Manning


Memphis, TN

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Robin Antonette Manning


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Robin Manning is most known as being a die-hard Christian, constantly shown praying and carrying her bible. Robin was the oldest contestant of Season 1 at the age of 26, and she was also the only model considered to be 'plus-size'.

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  • Women with values and helthy way she sees herself.

    Robin showed women on America's Next Top Model that you don't need to be a size four to be a super model. She was good at what she did, and wasn't afriad to tell Tyra off when she felt her values were being mocked. But all the judges and Trya though she was doing that, becuase she was low self-essteemed! Too bad that she got voted off, because Tyra and anouther person "saw" her do something sick and wrong.moreless
  • I think that Robin Manning has wonderful potential, if she just makes sure that she sticks to her guns, and her principals.

    I thought that Robin Manning was one of the only characters on Top Model who truly had substance. She was not willing to just go along with everything that the other girls did, for the sake of "harmony", especially when other girls behaviour was roudy, innapropriate, or immoral. Even in the face of the constant mockery of many of the other contestants, she was not afraid to read her Bible, speak about what she believes in, and buck even the judges for the sake of her character. I truly felt sorry for Elyse and Adrianne, when they would be talking about how pathetic they thought Shannon and Robin were. All the while they were behaving very innapropriately, and trying to cover up their eating problems. Unfortunately Robin's behaviour was not always consistent. But her improper behaviour at the beginning of the season didn't mean that she couldn't think the better of it, and change her tune. I had the utmost respect for her and Shannon when they refused to do the nude photo shoot. The judges, producers, and other contestants have nothing from that day to be proud of. However, I was not very impressed when she basically ignored the frenchmen that were chosen to take them out on a date, but I did agree with her that the whole concept of that segment was rather odd and innapropriate. The show was clearly being used to exploit women who have no respect for their own sexuality. The constant mentioning of Shannon's virginity in a derogitory way was a clear indication of that. As a nineteen year-old, I would have been happy to see someone with morality and values win this title, but it's clear that there's a reason one didn't. The creator's of this show think of a top-model as a skimpy, crass, skinny, "sex machine", and Shannon and Robin most certainly were not, and they should be proud.moreless