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  • He is so gorgeous!

    I started watching Lincoln Heights recently because it's a very good show, but most importantly, Robert Adamson is on it. He doesn't look 23 years old. He's only a year older than me. He's has beautiful eyes, nice smile and gorgeous hair. I hope his personality matches the inside. I've seen gorgeous guys like him be horrible on the inside (for example Mario Lopez). He looks like he's one of the few good guys that we woman have left in this world. If he has a girlfriend, then she's so damn lucky, if he doesn't, trust me he will have no problems finding one. Plenty of girls will be lined up to be with him; including me.
  • This guy needs to be given a show. He is so good in Drama maybe he will be good in a Detective show or Romantic Comedy. It'll be very good.

    I think that Robert is a good actor and just need a supporting break through role to get him in the MOVIE industry. He looks hot, can act, and he sings. How good can you get. The guy is so sweet when playing a charming boyfriend, when he is playing a sad, heartbroken boyfriend, he has me melting on the spot, I could never say no to the face and when he plays the jealous and angry boyfriend omg he is fierce and hot and it make me want to jump him. He's great and I can only hope that we see more of him in the near future. Good Luck Robert! :)
  • Robert Adamson is a gorgeous young man. He has potential and I am looking forward to seeing him someday soon on the big screen.

    Lincoln Heights and Robert Adamson are going to do great, and do great things for ABC Family. Lincoln Heights is going to make Robert well-known and he will get the recognition he deserves. He has the looks and he is a great actor. Robert will be the next Adam Brody and is the next heartthrob that every teenage and preteenage girl will be gushing about. The next big thing that will make his career skyrocket, is to play a dramatic role either on the big screen or the silver screen. He will soon have an entourage of his own. Robert and Lincoln Heights are going to do great. The show that he is currently casted in also has potential and seeing him in this role is great for his career.