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    • He appeared in the June 2000 issue of Star Trek: The Magazine.

    • He starred and directed "Hamlet" at the Actor's Gang Theater in Hollywood from April 18 to May 11 in 1998.

    • He he attended at East Bakersfield High School.

    • He studied at the Bakersfield College in Bakersfield, CA.

    • He is a member of the Classical Theater Lab, an ensemble of professional actors who co-produced the production of Hamlet in 1997, which he directed and starred in.

    • In 1999, he was nominated at the ALMA Award for "Outstanding Individual Performance" for his work on "Star Trek: Voyager". It was his second nomination in this category and for the same role.

    • He was nominated at the ALMA Award in 1998 for "Outstanding Individual Performance" for his work on Star Trek: Voyager.

    • His first work in theater was at the California Shakespeare Festival Theater in 1979.

    • In 1997, he Won Golden Eagle Award for "Outstanding Actor in a Television Series" for his work on Star Trek: Voyager

    • He would like to write a classical symphony.

    • One of his siblings was born with Down Syndrome and for four years (1998 - 2001), he hosted the Galaxy Ball, a fund raising event for the Down Syndrome Association of Los Angeles (DSALA), which brought together actors from other Star Trek series for a small convention. During the evening, there was a cabaret and a dinner dance. In 2001, it was reported in USA Today that the Galaxy Ball raised more than $50,000 for the DSALA, as well as other charities.

    • One of Robert's brothers is the well-known Latin Jazz musician Louie Cruz Beltran.

    • Robert has stated that the infamous Chakotay tattoo really has no meaning. Also if fans look close enough, they'll notice that it's never exactly the same.

    • Robert won a Nosotros Golden Eagle award in 1997, for the best actor in a television series for his role as Commander Chakotay on Star Trek: Voyager. The award is annually presented to artists whose work presents a positive Hispanic images to the world.

    • Robert stated that if he had to chose one film as his all time favourite, it would be The Godfather.

    • Robert is admittedly a football fanatic - American football. He also likes soccer-the World Cup and European Cup.

    • Robert has stated that if he had to choose just one role in a Shakespeare play that it would have to be Othello.

    • Some of Robert's favourite hobbies are music, literature, sports and travelling.

    • J R R Tolkien and Carlos Fuentes are a couple of Robert's favourite authors.

    • Robert is a member of the East Los Angeles Classic Theater Group. Which he founded and co-directed.

    • Robert's favourite Voyager episodes are Faces and Maneuvers.

    • Robert frequently appears at scifi conventions in support of Star Trek.

    • Robert lent his voice to the video game Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force (2000) as his character Commander Chakotay.

    • Robert has recorded an album of poetry titled Latino Poetry in April 2002 during a poetry reading at the Museum of Latin American Art in Long Beach, CA.

    • His last name is pronounced bel-TRAHN.

    • Over the course of time as a political activist, Robert has engaged in a series of classical drama workshops mainly on Shakespeare with the LaRouche Youth Movement of the Democratic Party as well as participating in several Schiller Institute conferences speaking on the subject of classical drama, most recently on his 2003 staging of Cliford Odettes 1948 play The Big Knife.

    • On the stage, Robert has appeared in productions for Luis Valdez's El Teatro Campesino, the LA Theater Center, the California Shakespeare Festival, and others.

    • Robert supports the Charity National Down Syndrome Society.

    • Robert lives in Los Angeles, California.

    • Robert landed his first film role in Luis Valdez's Zoot Suit (1981).

    • Robert attended Fresno State College, where he graduated with a degree in Theater Arts.

    • Robert is of Mexican-Native American ancestry, though he describes his heritage as Latindio.

    • Robert is the seventh of ten children.

    • His height is 6' (1.83 m).

  • Quotes

    • (about the "Star Trek: Voyager" writers)
      Robert Beltran: What bothers me so much is that [the writers] have a cast of really, really fine actors, actors that can hold their own with anybody, anywhere, anytime, and they're absolutely wasting three-quarters of that cast on the most mundane scenes per episode, and concentrating on two or three characters. It gets very boring.

    • (about the support of his "Star Trek: Voyager" fans)
      Robert Beltran: It's helped immensely, because the loyalty of the fans extends beyond the character I play. They've been very loyal in supporting the Down's Syndrome Association of Los Angeles, my charity. This Saturday is the night of the [Galaxy] Charity Ball, and we've got 500 people showing up, which is wonderful. We're going to raise a lot of money, and that's a direct result of my being on this show.

    • Robert Beltran: People get me wrong when I say that I never watched Star Trek. Actually, I never watched much science fiction in general. It just never appealled to me. Since becoming involved in the Star Trek World, I have a great respect for the writers in all the incarnations of Star Trek. But it's still hard for me to sit down and watch a science fiction show. You have to remember, I fell asleep during Star Wars.

    • (about his favorite movie)
      Robert Beltran: If I had to chose one film, very difficult, but I would have to say, off hand... The Godfather. I think the acting is terrific, the script is terrific, the direction... it's just a beautiful film.

    • Robert Beltran: I hate long goodbyes. I don't even let people take me to the airport.

    • Robert Beltran: (When he's looking to be entertained himself, Robert says he's inclined to seek out theatre and classical music.) I can be entertained by rock 'n' roll. I prefer going to a Brahms symphony or Beethoven or Chopin or Debussy. The music really moves me. I'd prefer to see a good play - I don't tune into Friends looking for entertainment.