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    • Robert: (about being on the HBO series "OZ") OZ was a great show. Once you walked through the production doors, the prison was a real prison. The extras were permanent because they were all serving life sentences. They weren't actors with fake tattoos. I felt like a little 16-year-old cheerleader walking in on the first day. Great guys, but 100 guys in a room with earrings and tattoos and a violent sexual script and it ain't Will & Grace.

    • Robert: My best quality is that I'm a good morning person and I try to be as decent as I can to everybody I meet. My worst quality is that I'm very hard on myself, which unfortunately sometimes spreads to people around you as well because of the demands you put on yourself.

    • Robert: The laughter of children must be what angels sound like in Heaven.

    • Robert: A walk in the woods is the most relaxing thing to me. I consider it my church.

    • Robert: I played a cop on As The World Turns, 14 years ago where I was protecting Lily. I was so nervous. They gave me a really big gun and a super-small holster, so every time I came in, my gun would fall out and rattle across the stage.

    • Robert: I consider Guiding Light my big sandbox and I'm blessed that I get to come and play every day with great people and do the thing that I love the most.

    • Robert: (on meeting actor Patrick Dempsey) He is McDreamy! He was very personable and very open, and you could see why he was so popular. He seemed humbled by the success of the show and grateful for the opportunity. No attitude whatsoever!

    • Robert: When my pilot, Michael Blackheart, got picked up, I went and bought my wife a video camera. Now that almost sounds obsolete, because technology has changed but at that time, it felt like I was really riding high in Vegas.

    • Robert: (on working with Gina Tognoni) I'm the luckiest guy in daytime! Gina's a brave actress; she challenges herself to deepen Dinah [her character] and is willing to go through some of her personal barriers to do that.

    • Robert: I am such a history nut. I love the great men of history. I would love to sit down with Abraham Lincoln, Napoleon Bonaparte, Jesus, Buddha, Gandhi, Thomas Jefferson; there are all great minds. I talk about wanting to interview them. That would be awesome!

    • Robert: (on Guiding Light co-star John Driscoll) Any father would be proud to call him a son.