Robert Brubaker





10/9/1916 , Robinson, Crawford, IL

Birth Name

George Robert Brubaker




Born at Robinson, Crawford, IL, 09 October 1916
Elementary School: South Side Grade School
High School: Robinson Township High School
College: Annie Mae Swift School of Speech, Northwestern University, Evanston, Cook, IL
First Professional job: "Oh Say Can You Sing Dance or Act," WPA Federal Theatre. Chicago, IL
First career interruption: WW II 1942-1945 B-24 Aircraft Commander
Resumed career. Started for the second time.
Second career interruption: Recalled to active duty to fly the Berlin Airlift, October 1948 C-54 Aircraft Commander. Strategic Air Command 1949-1955 B-29, B-50 Aircraft Commander. Korean "Policing" Action.
Resumed career. Started over for the third time.
Active until June 1979 as a free lance actor in TV and motion pictures. Career finally just petered out.
Went to work as a Before Need Representative, selling cemetery property before need, for Forest Lawn Memorial Parks Assoc., Glendale, CA. Became a Field Trainer and after two years was promoted to head the training department. In that position from 1979 to 31 Dec 1993, when I retired.
Present Residence: 25 Ponte Brava, Lake Elsinore, Ca 92532-0233. Telephone: 909-471-1189
Present Primary Interest: Genealogy