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  • i give Robert 10 out of 10 mainly because he has no shirt on most of the time...however,it has to be for that gorgeous smile of his also!!

    Firstly im wondering if he has a girlfriend and if not can i be his girlfriend...Secondly,i think he is a great actor and have loved him since his days in fashion house, and am delighted he is now a member of my favorite show in the world OTH...oh and of course loved lipstick jungle.

    So Robert if u ever read this...which i highly doubt u will seeing as you're a famous actor and probably have no time to read this...please come find me and make my dreams come true(cheese)

    p.s if u are coming could u not wear a shirt!!!:)

    p.p.s if u call a head maybe i wont wear mine :);) haha

    Chao xx xx Curly Claire xx xx