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    • Robert C Cooper: (About Season 9 of Stargate SG-1) Yeah, I don't remember if we talked about this -- I have said it before. Season Nine was about wiping the slate clean, sort of, and introducing the Ori and kind of preparing us for what was going to happen, which is that they were going to invade and kind of take over. The whole goal from Season Nine moving forward was to bring the series back to where it was when it started in Season One. And that was to put us at a tremendous disadvantage -- wipe the slate clean, make us the underdogs again. Because we had gotten to the point where we won every time. We killed Goa'ulds, Replicators at will. The challenge wasn't there any more. And we wanted to create bad guys that would now be as big a challenge as the Goa'uld were when we first opened the Stargate. So, Season Nine was very much not only just about introducing the new members of the team, but also the new bad guys and how that was going to work. And Season Ten is very much about the bad guys kind of executing the plan, the promise -- coming through on what they said would come to pass, which is that they're going to come in and take over our galaxy.