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    • Robert C Cooper: (About the Ori Soliders) Yeah, I actually -- I wrote "Crusade" because I wanted to make them not two-dimensional. To me, it was interesting to develop them as a character -- not just Tomin, but Tomin is a representation of them. I think that it's very interesting to look at someone with the strength of belief who's willing to fight for what they want to fight for. It's different from what our agenda is. And I think that type of single-mindedness certainly exists in our world. It's something we see go on around us. I think it's important for us to try and understand why people want to go to war with us, or blow up our buildings, or our airplanes. I don't think that that single-minded devotion makes someone two-dimensional. I think it's more that I was trying to make those warriors more than just people in suits. Because it's science fiction, and because it's far more black and white than our real world is. And we tend to paint with primary colors and archetypes [more] than we do true reality. And it is, ultimately, just entertainment. But we were trying to get to something a little bit more than just people in wardrobe as warriors -- that, in our case, the people who are following [the] Ori, we perceive them to be mistaken in their beliefs.