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    • Robert C Cooper: (About Season 7 of Stargate SG-1) The thing about season seven, I think, was that they are all kind of departures. Because we were dealing with the Rick issue, and because it was season seven, we took the opportunity to do some stuff that was totally different than anything we've ever done before. I think people probably watch it and say, 'That didn't feel like a 'Stargate', but yet, it still was entertaining.' I mean, it still was something that I think they enjoyed watching for that hour. One of the things we did last year more than ever, I think, was episodes that stand alone. We haven't done serialization so much. 'Revisions' was, I think, more like a classic 'Stargate'. The team goes to a planet, meets some people, gets into trouble, gets out of it, and comes home. We have definitely been doing much more of that. However, all of the episodes have some sequel element to them. 'Space Race' was about Warrick, who was in 'Forsaken'. 'Avenger' was Pat McKenna's character, Felger, from 'The Other Guys'. So they do have sequel elements to them. 'Grace' was a wonderful sort of departure episode. Carter has to deal with the fact that, what if she dies out here in space, is this what she really wanted for her life? And I don't mean career achievement, I mean personal life. She has to explore a lot of the elements of her personal life, and then the repercussions of that get played out in 'Chimera', which is a wonderful parallel story of Carter dealing with a relationship on Earth, and Daniel dealing with his lost relationship with Sarah, who's become Osiris. To me, it's as interesting to tell that story, about how do you have a relationship when you can't tell somebody what you do for a living? You can't come home and say, 'Gosh, I nearly died today, on another planet.' So how do you have a relationship? And that's why Carter has looked at O'Neill in a romantic way, because he understands what she's going through. So in a way, he's the perfect mate for her. And yet she can't make that happen because of the Air Force and their respective divisions. So I don't know how you DON'T tell those stories.