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  • No more Belle and Gold??

    His well-played character is the best of all the characters in 'Once Upon a Time'. I seldom write reviews, but I became positively addicted to this series in the first season. When he and Belle married, the spoken vows he made to her were still turning me on weeks afterward. BELLE'S ACTUALLY LEAVING HIM NOW THAT HE'S NOT DARK?? That would make her a sicko who's a glutten for evil dudes, and Belle's character so far does not foreshadow such a turn of events. If Gold and Belle are truly finished, I'm outa there. I'm rooting for him.
  • Rootin' for the Villian

    Without this guy the show would rate a 4. I'm just waiting for the spin off. A little antique shop in a quiet little corner of some big city.... Oh yea.... it's coming. No one else could have made me a regular loyal viewer to any TV show.... ever
  • Amazing!

    I for one really enjoy his work, whether he's playing the baddie, or the good guy. He is such a great actor and i enjoy his ability to play such different and seemingly difficult characters with grace. His accent may help people tell him apart, but it is his acting ability that REALLY gives him that upper hand above the rest.

    I do wish he would do more movies, even though he is a more European actor; He could do such amazing work in upcoming films and no doubt most directors would appreciate such a talented actor on their team; and maybe teach these new actors a thing or two :) no doubt people underestimate a actor whom is much more famous in the UK, away from the blinding and sometimes crippling lights of Hollywood.

    He is a man of many talents, and most of the movies/tv series' i've seen him in, has been playing a dynamic of characters. This man needs a medal!

  • gracious actor

    Amazing on what this actor has done from RIFF RAFF through to Once Upon a Time, He remembers where he comes from and it comes through in his work as well as his love of his children and family. Wish him the best in his endeavors and keep the smiles, chills and laughter coming.
  • great actor


    very good at what he does, each character he plays looks real. seems to like playing complex characters or hard to catch at first glance and is very convincing doing it :)

    the accent makes it harder to get sometime for foreigners like me, but when you hear him talk you recognize him out of any other actor at once and that is good, very few actors have this particularity !

    he was the only reason that kept me watching ST-Universe, althought all the flaws that show had (filming mostly and a few not that good actors/actress...) and it's the same reason why i watch once upon a time

    he seems to be stealing the show to other characters that should be central but well.. that's life ! others will have to up their games ;)

  • Underappreciated but so talented

    Robert is one of my all time favorite actors in both television and movies. He is great as part of a supporting cast, but also makes a great leading man. He tends to play guys that are a bit rough around the edges, however, he is really very versatile. I will give anything he appears in a chance as he tends to make good choices in parts (in my opinion). I would recommend Hamish Macbeth as a fun quite kind of show. Movie lovers definitely need to watch Plunkett & Macleane and odd little movie, which stars Robert and Johnny Lee Miller.
  • I hope he keeps up his fantastic performance and don't listen to any review that tries to condicionate his acting.

    I, for one, really enjoy watching him act. So far, i never saw anything he participated in and disliked it; although there were movies he was in that i disliked, his acting was flawless, he actually convinced me he believed he was the character he played. And that is uncommon nowadays. We should cherish actors with such talent and dedication. I started this review due to the series "Stargate Universe". Because i really hope he ignores any critic (positive or negative) and keep up exactly as he has been working. I believe he'll be rewarded if he keeps up such level of acting. I wish him the best luck. He has one more fan :)
  • I am lukewarm on this series. The reason I look forward to it is Carlyles character!


    The idea of this series is interesting, but I am lukewarm about the final product. The main reason I look forward to it is Carlyles character! I just LOVE him! When he is Rumplestiltskin, I almost want to move right in front of the TV to take in "the look" as well as the spot-on mannerisms. And that giggle!!! OMG! Pure genius! He's so fascinating!

    Having said that, haveto say I love "Face Off" also... Wonder who does Carlyles make-up....

    Robert Carlyle is surely what makes the entire show! I didn't care what happened to "Cameron"on "House," and likewise, haven't connected to "Emma" yet either.

  • Ever since I saw him in The Full Monty I have been a big fan of this man

    He is not nearly as appreciated as he should be. My favorite performance of his was easily in The Full Monty, although his appearance in Human Trafficking was absolutely brilliant. His work with the other cast members was amazing and he should receive a lot more recognition then he gets. He's one of the best actors to come out of the UK in a long time.
    We can only hope he as a very long career which only goes from strength to strength. He is one of my all time favorite actors and I'm sure the favorite of many others out there.