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  • Amazing!

    I for one really enjoy his work, whether he's playing the baddie, or the good guy. He is such a great actor and i enjoy his ability to play such different and seemingly difficult characters with grace. His accent may help people tell him apart, but it is his acting ability that REALLY gives him that upper hand above the rest.

    I do wish he would do more movies, even though he is a more European actor; He could do such amazing work in upcoming films and no doubt most directors would appreciate such a talented actor on their team; and maybe teach these new actors a thing or two :) no doubt people underestimate a actor whom is much more famous in the UK, away from the blinding and sometimes crippling lights of Hollywood.

    He is a man of many talents, and most of the movies/tv series' i've seen him in, has been playing a dynamic of characters. This man needs a medal!