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Robert Cochran, aka Bob Cochran, is the co-creator and executive producer on the Emmy-winning action drama 24. Bob has also served supervising producer on JAG and co-producer on The Commish. He has also served as a writer on L.A. Law, La Femme Nikita, JAG and the miniseries Attila.…more


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    • Robert: I'm one of those people who didn't believe we could sustain this concept for more than one season. Making all of the puzzle pieces fit (each) week when the smallest thing in a given episode affects everything else was an enormous challenge from the start -- and it still is.

    • Robert: (on coming up with story lines in 24) I think one of the things that makes it tougher every time is coming up with personal stories that can play off against what's happening in the terrorist side of things.

    • Robert: (on having American bad guys on 24) We shied away from getting more criticism from Americans for having too many American bad guys. Instead, we just get it from all sides.

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