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  • Mr. Man

    Robert Conrad may not be the best actor in the world but he was in demand for 30 years. Starring in shows like Wild Wild West, & Baa Baa Black Sheep he was Hollywood's go to man for action and sex appeal.

    CRN has been a supporter of Baa Baa Blacksheep and The WIld Wild West in LA, San Diego and Palm Desert for over thirty years by carrying programming like The Robert Conrad Sow and The Larry Manetti Show on Time Warner Cable. We were so discouraged when Time Warner Cable has issued inaccurate "programming alerts" and has discontinued all six CRN channels from the entire Time Warner Los Angeles, Orange County and Desert Cities lineups. This means you will no longer have access to The Robert Conrad Show, The Larry Manetti Show and many of your other favorite talk shows. You will also lose the ability to record your favorite talk shows using your DVR.

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  • Robert Conrad is a good, honest and loyal man.

    I have been a fan of Robert Conrad's since his Wild Wild West days. I had the great honor of meeting and spending two days with Mr. Conrad back in September of 2002. He had graciously offered to come to Cecil County Maryland to do a fund raiser for a friend of mine who was running for the office of sheriff. The reason Mr. Conrad offered to do the fund raiser is an interesting story in itself. Mr Conrad and his wife were attending President George W. Bush's inauguration. The friend I mentioned, was with a group of other law enforcement officers that were acting as body guards for the celebrities attending the innaugeration and he was assigned Robert Conrad and his wife. Things got very tense during the celebration when protesters got out of control and threatened the Conrad's safety. Mr. Conrad was so impressed that he offered to come to Cecil County and do a fund raiser in appreciation for him protecting him and his wife. Mr Conrad kept his word and my wife and I with a few others spent two days with him escorting him around the county. He was very nice and talked with us and spent time with us like he had known us for years. I will never forget this experience. Robert Conrad is a good, honest and loyal man.
  • The rebel that was just so gorgeous!

    I first remember seeing Robert Conrad on DVD of the series Wild, Wild West and thinking what a gorgeous man he was! He certainly was a cool actor also. Considering how primitive that television was in the 1960's. It was a wonder that that particular series was ever made with all the very realistic special effects. Ok, maybe some of them were on the campy side, but to a little kid, they seemed real enough. Ross Martin was no slow leak as Artemis Gordon either. It is a shame that the series did not last longer than four years. To me, it will always be a fond reminder of the 1960's.
  • The man could do everything, from outwit 19th century megalomaniacs to go toe-to-toe with Columbo!

    I have been discovering "The Wild, Wild West" on DVD, and Robert Conrad has been fantastic. He's the perfect combination of clever, good-looking, witty and two-fisted that was shared by the best James Bonds and other action/adventure heroes. I have not seen too much else of his body of work, save for his appearance as a murderer in the Columbo episode "An Exercise in Fatality." Talk about a character shift! Conrad goes to arrogant, condescending, conniving and chilling all in a 90 minute performance. If you haven't seen it, it's awesome...the interplay between he and Peter Falk is great, and it marks one of the few times in the series that Columbo just loses it and yells at a suspect.

    I know that Mr. Conrad has been ailing in recent years, but it was very nice to hear his recollections and anecdotes on the Season 1 TWWW DVD set. I hope he can continue his contributions for subsequent seasons so we can hear more from this great actor.
  • I loved Robert Conrad as a child. I grew up with him and I have seen every show and movie he has ever made.When I was 12 years old,I wrote a letter to Robert Conrad and he wrote me back and even sent me an autographed picture. He is great.

    Robert Conrad is one of the best actors around. He can play any character. I would love to see more of him, and never get tired of reruns of Wild, Wild ,West.He is amazing!!!I would love to see him on another series or maybe a movie of the week.Robert Conrad I love you.Keep up the good work no matter what you are doing now, I am sure it is amazing.I know behind that rough exterior is a heart of gold.Do you know the Lord? LOVE to see you in heaven.Your number and biggest fan always. love you always, sheri lawson
  • Has been one of my all-time favorite actors since 1982/83, and that's not likely to change at all! No matter what I've recently read that might tarnish his reputation...still, one of the all-time greats, if you ask me!

    I'm not sure what else I could say that I didn't just get through saying in the Summary.
    I guess all that's keeping me from rating Robert Conrad a "10" (I rated him a 9.8), is what I've read recently...I got curious as to what he's been up to these days, and was very disappointed to find out. However, I am very, very glad he survived, and hope to catch him in many more TV appearances. There is nothing that could diminish his talent. Or his good looks, by the way...