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  • The man could do everything, from outwit 19th century megalomaniacs to go toe-to-toe with Columbo!

    I have been discovering "The Wild, Wild West" on DVD, and Robert Conrad has been fantastic. He's the perfect combination of clever, good-looking, witty and two-fisted that was shared by the best James Bonds and other action/adventure heroes. I have not seen too much else of his body of work, save for his appearance as a murderer in the Columbo episode "An Exercise in Fatality." Talk about a character shift! Conrad goes to arrogant, condescending, conniving and chilling all in a 90 minute performance. If you haven't seen it, it's awesome...the interplay between he and Peter Falk is great, and it marks one of the few times in the series that Columbo just loses it and yells at a suspect.

    I know that Mr. Conrad has been ailing in recent years, but it was very nice to hear his recollections and anecdotes on the Season 1 TWWW DVD set. I hope he can continue his contributions for subsequent seasons so we can hear more from this great actor.